• It took me a while to figure out how to change my options and when you get it it’s originally set to mobile so you’ll need to change it to common used video mp4 to get the most out of the conversion.


    (15.02.2021 - 12:48)

    I’ve been able to install books by running the .msi files, but the maps wouldn’t install for some reason.

  • Mine stopped working and I can’t get it going again. Don’t seem to be able to get any assistance.

  • Nancy Johnson

    (24.02.2021 - 10:46)

    very nice

  • Slow. Trouble changing locations.

  • Andee Crumlin

    (09.03.2021 - 15:05)

    I have been playing this game since I was 5 years old.

  • JamesonWeyman

    (16.03.2021 - 14:07)

    I have no clue what this software does but they keep asking for a review. I am writing a review to stop being bugged for a review.

  • Interface was confusing at first glance

  • Don’t buy this software. It comes with a dongle that goes faulty regularly which you have to pay for. Their customer service is rubbish and they do nothing for you considering you have just shelled out a lot of money for their software. Very unhappy customer. There are plenty of other good album design tools now.

  • none so far..works like a charm

  • Terrible!

  • No longer free

  • Needed for flash file…..Only this player is generally used…

  • an AD to buy their products popped up … had REVO before, never saw a REVO ad.

  • You can use your default browser (FireFox or Opera) and manage your own bookmarks. It requires no separate program… let alone paying for this program.

  • Hard to use, unpredictable results.

  • Near perfect

  • It is not an all in one optimizer there are some utility which cost the same price and have more feature, 1 click feature is not included, And it also didnt disable some windows services,some services slows windows.

  • Indira Mukhopadhyay

    (12.05.2021 - 10:00)

    The ‘Help’ section was good, but I felt it could have used a little more detail and definitions. Not a big issue, because their support staff responded very quickly to my questions.

  • keshob chowdhury

    (18.05.2021 - 08:15)

    Effects and updates

  • There is nothing wrong with it functionally but the developers website needs to look more modern.

  • Marko Jankovic

    (29.05.2021 - 20:14)

    My virtual memory is set to NO on all my disks, and yet this software shows Physical Memory 3327MB (correct), Swap Space 3164MB (wrong), and VM 6492MB (wrong). CPU not recognised. No CPU temperature reading, only motherboard.

  • Can’t find any yet . . .

  • None. This is a wondefukl program that works and does not cause system problems.

  • Crappy sound, graphic could be better, performance issues, etc…

  • none of all

  • Garbage, absolute garbage that will DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER.

  • Media Search Function Doesn’t Work Well/At All
    Auto Song Tagging Doesnt Work Very Often

  • I am not very technical in the sense that I can rarely sense errors in the PC; not until my PC shows signs of freezing, hanging, sudden shut downs etc. This has happened in the past and when it recently happened again; my friend suggested that I should take the help of proficient technicians who could do monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting chores for me. I got through iYogi and I am really happy to have Support Dock now installed on my PC. This is a simple PC optimizing tool that is easy to use and efficient. iYyogi technicians are helpful and provide me with remote tech support as and when I need.

  • Split Screen can’t be set easily by default. Can’t add your favorite HTML Tags to the Common toolbar. The SyncroView doesn’t Refresh when you “Save.” Refreshing SyncroView is slow & takes the WYSIWYG screen to the top so u have to find where u were.

  • versallity…

  • I really do not have any complaints, this products works very well even on my old clunker of a pc.


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