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Ant Movie Catalog Full Version license code

Main features

The interface may seem somewhat austere but isn’t at all complicated to use, because it has shortcuts available for all the important functions. Keep your film collection perfectly ordered, thanks to Ant Movie Catalog pin .

  • Capacity to import data from various Internet websites.
  • Function to create reports and statistics.
  • Option to export the data as HTML or CSV.
  • Tools to order the entries depending on different aspects.
  • Loan manager.

Ant Movie Catalog pre-Activated

It's enough to enter the movie title or simply the link where the information is stored and Ant Movie Catalog key automatically downloads the details and fills in the predefined fields. Another great tool bundled into Ant Movie Catalog portable is the statistic generator that provides valuable information such as total number of movies, the average movie length, the total movie length, subtitles, actors and producers. You can sort, list and display the movies however you want, but at the same time you may also view them by grouping all titles by the same field. Since creating a long catalog may take some time, Ant Movie Catalog license Key also supports importing and exporting from and to Excel files, another Ant Movie Catalog serial keys database, Microsoft Access Database, eXtree Movie Manager, Origons and many others. All things considered, Ant Movie Catalog 4.2 with keygen is one of the best apps of its kind. It’s the perfect companion for movie collectors.

Ant Movie Catalog serial keys also allows you to import your existing collection, and if you want to save your catalog, you can export it as well. The app has a really cool feature that allows you keep track of which movies you have loaned out. There are also other tools, such as the random selection tool; this will randomly pick a movie from your collection for you to watch. Overall, Ant Movie Catalog 4.2 with serial keys is a simple and easy to use app with many features that will allow you to catalog all your video content.

  • Simple installation process.
  • Script support for movie information.
  • Keep track of the movies you loaned to others.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Multiple icon set support.


  • Unattractive and crowded interface
  • Allows searching the database
  • Supports multiple database formats
  • Lets you create customized fields
  • Keeps track of movie loans
  • Great piece of software……
  • Don’t waste your time with this proprietary software, just use a spreadsheet
  • for some reason it lost all my info onetime. but i had e-mailed most of it to friends so i didn’t have to do all of it over.
Ant Movie Catalog Full Version serial code

Ant Movie Catalog 4.2 registeration keys is a tool for film lovers. Organize all your film collection no matter what format they are in once you download Ant Movie Catalog 4.2 with keygen free Want to manage your collection of DVDs, videos, laser disks or CDs but don’t have the time or patience to master Access? This preformatted app is ready to use for entering data about your collection–either by entering information manually or importing it from online sources or other files.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Antoine Potten
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

In addition to the TLS 1.2 support (which should solve HTTPS problems encountered lately on a few sites) this version also includes the latest MediaInfo version.
I also cleaned the import/export list by removing some obsolete formats.
Updated scripts for DVDFR, FilmAffinity and MovieCovers are included.
The latest version of MediaInfo does not seem to run on Windows XP any more (to be tested/confirmed, I don't know if that was already the case of the previous versions). In case the lack of Windows XP support is a problem for some users, I could try to arrange something to support both old and new versions of the library, as the interface didn't change, only the version numbering.
I still didn't reimplement the GetCookies & DeleteCookies functions for the scripts, as none of the published scripts were using them, and it was less easy than expected to bring these back in Indy version 10.

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  • It’s the best program for making your movies database.

  • I have d/led the FP 30+ times. I’m supposed to get a USER ACCOUNT CONTROL box, right? A box that requires me to click on something to give the computer/Win7 to install FP-11, right?

    I don’t get the box. It installs all by itself and then tells me to close all IE windows. So I do. Then the installation is complete…

    BUT when I go to some web sites to view content, requiring FP, I am told it does not exist on my computer. REVO uninstaller can’t find any signs that FP is installed…

    Also I have disabled Norton firewall and anti virus…

  • I don’t see any cons at all really. Basically, if you get the “free” version you have to run things manually. If you get the Pro version it runs things for you on your schedule as to how you set it up. No cons I can think of right now.

  • I tried the free download and exercised comparing it to several other programs. I am Technical Support Analyst so decently experienced. Used their files and saw it connect but since the accounts were bogus, stocks were not real, it seemed the connectivity was not a problem. We use a Hughesnet Satellite connection and have successfully used Money for years, even AFTER it was no longer supported. We purchased the full licensed version of ACEMONEY and IT NEVER worked. I contacted support multiple times, got ridiculous answers (stupid user answers) and they refuse to refund. They have NO ONE you can talk to and very poor service policies.

  • Adobe Acrobat reader is incredibly slow to start up on Vista. This is on a new laptop as well.

  • Ino Jay Anunciado

    (13.03.2021 - 07:08)

    Locked up over and over. Need a 3rd party phone app

  • There is nothing not to dislike about it, its a small file that fills huge shoes!

  • I used this on a friends PC that had low memory (256mb) and XP SP2. During the repair operation the computer repeatedly froze. While it was running I checked task manager and found that it was using 185mb or RAM! The PC was unable to complete the repair with AMUST.

  • Robert S. Semeniuk

    (31.03.2021 - 01:20)

    nothing i didn’t like.

  • I am trying to get Zac Browser Gold for my autistic students. You have to be invited now to download it, so, I guess I am asking to be invited .Thank you.

  • Mark Chambers

    (09.04.2021 - 14:08)

    costs bux unfortunetly but worth it

  • cool i got 50 maps maked awsome editor and campaing

  • I love DG Photo Art.

  • huh? does not compute

  • Tristan Sharp

    (26.04.2021 - 19:34)

    Thanks for this Software


  • sai, there is no a direct download link, but there is a link that leads to the developer’s site where it’s possible to download the program.

  • In the end is trying to do to much and can cause major havoc depending on your config (locking up, unable to see network computers, etc.) especially on their newer updates. I’ve haven’t go a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) ever on Win7 until now!

  • Free VIRUS….

  • Companies like Adobe have an oversized ego and try to get into everything on your computer. Hog resources, start up files, as bad a s a virus.

  • Only one con I can think of is the lack of 3D capability, however this is being added soon from what I have heard, so I have very little to complain about.

  • Richard kotey

    (27.05.2021 - 13:39)

    what i dont like about the product is that i want to make my pics smaller byt your not telling me what to do

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