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Ava Find 1.5 Full Version Free Download is a lightweight cross-platform utility built specifically for helping you perform quick searches for different files in your computer. It boasts a clean and intuitive GUI that gives users the possibility to select the drives to be searched. As soon as you type the words in the dedicated dialog, the application automatically displays the results. What’s more, you can make Ava Find full version with keygen download display the audio files, clips, installed programs or a list with the downloaded items. The results can be sorted by rank, name, location, size, type, as well by the date when the files were created, modified or last accessed.

Ava Find serials

Find Instantly Search without delay. Amazing Accuracy Google Desktop Search may get all the press, but Ava Find free download is a strong competitor. The first time it starts up, this substitute for Microsoft Find scans your drives and stores the locations of your files in a cache. Once finished, it delivers results instantly as you type. You can limit search results by folder or drive and specify whether you’re looking for videos, music, applications, or recent downloads. This real-time approach delivers outstanding results, but it requires a lot of computing power. A scan of a 20GB hard drive took about a minute, slowed our PC, and couldn’t be stopped.

Also, after 30 days, Ava Find 1.5 with serial keys won’t let you delete, rename, or perform most other file functions from the results window. Those essential features are limited to the Professional version–and that, sadly, keeps us from giving Ava Find For Pc Free Download our highest rating. Ava Find pin speeds up your daily computing experience by letting you find any file on your computer instantly. Open music and video files from any folder using convenient one-click browse buttons. Ava Find pin can list folders by size instantly, making hard-drive cleanup simple and easy. The Scout Bot feature lets you discover newly downloaded files instantly without the need to run a search. Ava Find 1.5 patch includes free search functionality and includes a 30-day preview of Ava Find 1.5 full version setup Professional features, such as the Scout Bot.


  • None
  • It´s very quick and accurate
  • sometimes difficult to install when on user account
  • This is the BEST period. Try it!!!
  • It’s fast! MUCH faster than the Windows XP Search tool.
  • 1.Instant results, once installed and database compiled.2.Options for searching different file types,viz.,Music,Videos,Documents,Programs etc.3.”Scout bot” and “My Picks” are excellently designed utilities.4.Integrated Explorer actions help a lot.
  • Program Doesn’t Work at All on Windows 7
  • Yes, AVA Find find files fast!
Ava Find portable

You can open the audio and video files with your default player, as well as perform various operations, such as copying, renaming and deleting. Plus, it is possible to select the folders to be ignored during the search process and export the results to a file. Ava Find 1.5 with crack keeps an eye on the most recent file changes and displays the items in a dedicated pane. It detects the changes made to files by scanning the cache directory, and this way you have direct access to the video or songs you have just downloaded, or to other changed documents.

System Requirement:

Will Ava Find work on Windows 10?

According to its official website, the last Windows version supported by the application is XP, but it should still work on Windows 10. In case it doesn’t, you can try running the application in compatibility mode by right-clicking its executable, then selecting Properties and going to the Compatibility tab. In that menu, look for a box with the text Run this program in compatibility mode for, then select Windows XP from the drop-down menu and click Apply.
Alternatively, you can set up a virtual machine on your PC, install Windows XP on it, the run Ava Find from there.

The version of Ava Find that I have installed on my computer is inefficient. What can I do?

I am using Ava Find for several months now, and I had no problem with it. But if you don’t like this software there is no problem you can search and try another one that meets your requirements. You can use the Google to search for such tool, or you can take a look through Software Informer database.


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