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The firewall enables the end users to control their external and internal traffic as well and provides them with notifications every time an event occurs. Programs that try to connect to the Internet from the computer this app is installed on are detected automatically and notifies the users about the attempts. Logs that keep the history of all the attempted connections can be accessed, as well.

System requirements

AVS Firewall Full Version Serial Key

In order to run the installation process smoothly, it is recommended that you disable all firewall and anti-virus applications, and once the installation is complete, make sure you restart your computer so that program will work at its full potential. This efficient application will give you access to a wide variety of useful tools that will help you secure your registry from being altered by malicious utilities, block online advertising, offer you detailed reports with the Internet activity, etc.; you can also choose to be notified whenever an application is trying to connect to the Internet from your computer and decide whether to proceed the action or not.

A significant advantage of using this piece of software is the fact that it allows you enable the parental control option; you will be able to protect your children from accessing websites with adult content, violence or vulgar language. To sum it all up, AVS Firewall Registration key is a handy application that comes with a wide range of tools that will help you protect your PC from malicious and phishing sites. Protect your PC from malicious software, keep constant surveillance on the incoming and outgoing traffic or block online ads using this application


  • Comes with a wide variety of useful tools
  • Gives access to detailed reports regarding the Internet activity
  • None
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in many languages
AVS Firewall key

The application provides users with all the components they need to secure, protect, create profiles and rules, monitor their connections, control their PC status, view the history of connections or attempted connections and adjust the security level depending on the user's needs. AVS Firewall For Windows Download enables users to protect their computer against various unauthorized access attempts such as hacker attacks or severe malware threats. As mentioned above, users can adjust the app's security level to their needs in order to be more or less restrictive with their computers or connections, protecting it from malware effectively. Rules can be defined individually for each application and users can specify precisely which connection should be used and when.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage: www.avs4you.com
  • Author Online Media Technologies Ltd.
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Improved user-friendly interface

AVS Firewall registration keys


  • Cannot fit in my 10 inch screen Emachines Netbook, cannot delete browser history list.

  • Should be free for all after all these years.

  • During the installation, I did a restart and noted that my computer fails, as I either have insufficient or bad memory. I had to uninstall the software

  • Even when running PA as administrator mode, it doesn’t work on Windows 8.1 even the latest 5.5 release of PA. After click apply, it reboots to Windows 8.1 and everything is the same as before but will not reboot to Pre-OS mode to finish the migration process: for both system migration and copy partition.

  • It’s not particularly easy to use, but getting better. The options are complex. The documentation is very limited and the author does not speak English as his first language. It’s also officially “pre-beta” software, but it has fewer bugs than many officially released programs.

  • i dont like hihihi

  • Andres Abarca

    (13.03.2021 - 20:32)

    Crappy sound, graphic could be better, performance issues, etc…

  • I prefer Mil Shield and CCleaner.They are the best to me!

  • No USB keyboard support in bootable media however USB mouse is supported (???); can mess up data on a drive you haven’t selected for disc cloning; some features don’t seem to work too well on Vista Ultimate;


    (27.03.2021 - 20:47)

    This is a great way to cheat, to get more views to your clip on youtube.

  • The help files are not that great. It took some searching to find out that the agent had to be running on the server. That’s the only con in this terrific program!

  • Adobe Flash Player retrieves updates automatically on my PC, but it seems that with every new version, performance suffers, videos freeze-up, and I wish I hadn’t updated.

  • Takes too much memory.

  • Not very stable.

  • P.P.R.Selvaganesh

    (17.04.2021 - 12:45)

    No opt out of Toolbar, search hijack and homepage hijack.
    Very disappointing.
    Don’t touch with a barge pole.

  • Yes, This an amazing software which can analysis images very quickly and it is help my work enormously, thanks!!

  • Can only convert one (1) image to pdf, which in my opinion is absolutely useless, unless their are people who only want to convert 1 image to pdf which does not
    make much sense to me!

  • Free version lacks automatic updates and scheduled scan.

  • Elizabeth Carr

    (06.05.2021 - 00:40)

    haven’t found any yet, and I’ve been using Versions of it for a couple of years.

  • Pagees don’t load properly sometimes. Does nothing after free trial is over

  • Could not get it to work. Other downloads of other software – no problem. This browser kept giving an error message and ‘had to close’ so I never even got to see it.


  • elektrofunkenstein

    (26.05.2021 - 17:09)

    This is a good software but this processes is so slow, please fix it.

  • Where to begin! Tech support is off-shore in India and is ONLY there. There is no escalation, no additional help and if you call, expect to be on the phone for 2-3 hours EACH TIME. The software is really buggy and will often stop responding. It also will hang your server if you try to reboot it, making maintenance of my servers even harder. You cannot use the VMWare backup if you use anything other than standard VMWare stuff – I am using HP VSAN and I have to back up each server individually – if I wanted to do that, I would have stuck with BackupExec. You cannot create a simultaneous multi-location backup, even though they say you can. I have two places I want to back stuff up – to a DAS on my backup server and a portable hard drive for off-site DR. If I want this, I have to create two completely separate backups and hit my network twice to get it done, even though I was led to believe otherwise that it allowed for multi-location backups. It just means you can span your backup. Sigh.

  • This new version acts merely as a shortcut to the registry in order to change the time between syncs. The old version appeared to be an independent program that contacted the world clock directly and updated my PC clock.

  • Clean very professional easy to use exceptionally easy to make my letters and saved names . Thank You I’m 79 years old and being allowed to use this I otherwise couldn’t afford

  • How do I learn the Kannada typing? I’m fresher, please guide me, I can not find a proper way to start.

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