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E-mail, blog, build web-sites, and DTP in Indian languages. Phonetic keyboard for Indian languages. Brhkbd Keyboard – a user friendly keyboard for Indian languages. Inscript Keyboard – a govt. of India standard for Indian languages. Script Override converts Indian language text from one script to another; Useful for learning one script using another. Export the documents as Text, RTF, UNICODE, HTML documents, and as BMP, GIF, JPG picture files. Sort Indian language text. Convert documents from one script to another. Braille script for sightless people. Latinize Indian language text (ISO 15919, IAST) Add Indian language support to your VB/C++/VB.NET applications.

Baraha Full Version Serial Key

Download Baraha 10.10 Full Version key – Professional Indian language software that includes text editor, Unicode editor and a module that modifies your keyboard layout and allows you to translate any text in Hindi or another Indian dialect

Unicode support

Baraha 10.10 full versionPad can be used to write Indian language text using OpenType fonts, that is, Unicode encoding. It is a simple utility that provides basic text editing features and comes with spell checking capability, auto text filling, translation and web search. It allows you to write directly in one of the above-mentioned Indian languages and save the file to TXT or RTF format for later use.

Baraha 10.10 serial code supports Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, and Oriya languages. Baraha 10.10 pre-Activated Free Download – a standalone program for editing, printing documents. Baraha 10.10 pre-ActivatedPad – a standalone program for editing Unicode documents. Baraha 10.10.260 reg keysIME – an Input Method Editor for typing Indian language text in any Windows application; compatible with MS-Office. FontConvert – convert documents between Baraha full version setup and other 3rd party fonts. Unicode fonts for Indian languages.


  • Create and view documents in various native Indian languages
  • Rich text editor called BarahaPad
  • Baraha unicode doesn’t work in Excel 2013
  • Convert to Latin, Unicode, UTF-8 and ANSI
  • Doesn’t have any Unicode fonts.
  • Supports all Indian languages. Supports Unicode text.
Baraha with serial keys

Type in Indian language text in any program

In addition to this, you can use Baraha 10.10.260 serialsIME to write Indian language text in any application, as well as switch from one language to another and from ANSI to Unicode. For example, activating Baraha serial keysIME while writing a text in Word or in your web browser allows you to type Indian words.

An overall efficient and reliable Indian language learner

Whether you want to create documents, e-mails or web content, Baraha 10.10 Full Version Registration key provides you with all the tools you need to write Indian language text.

System Requirement:

i can’t find dictionary. tell me how to use dictionary.

You can find the dictionary software on the homepage of the developer. The application is available for downloading and besides the standard versions, you also have the possibility to download additional tools to help you in your translation or document creation.

What free version of Baraha is suitable for Windows Excel (xlsx) file-typing in Telugu?

After checking the official website, I’ve found out that Baraha is a compatible application with the Windows 10 operating system.
According to the data posted on the website, these are the versions of Windows compatible with Baraha: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
As you can see Windows 10 is among the supported ones and you can use it right away. When installing the application, right click it and choose Run as Administrator.

I cannot type any letter which uses ‘~’ symbol. When I write English letters without using Baraha, I can type the ‘~’ symbol, but I cannot type it in Baraha. Can you help me?

According to the developer, the ‘~’ symbol will translate into the same symbol in other language. You should be able to use it normally. Also, I suggest that you visit the official support website. You will find there a few basic rules on how to write using the Phonetic Keyboard.

What’s new in last version:

Type ISO15919 text in BarahaPad and BarahaIME
Switch between languages using Alt keys in BarahaPad and BarahaIME
Switch between languages using Ctrl keys in BarahaPad and BarahaIME
New Unicode fonts are added.
Baraha SDK support added.
New Unicode fonts were added.
In Baraha editor, text in Input and Output windows is automatically synchronized during editing/browsing.
Added conversion to Ellara Kannada in BarahaPad & BarahaIME.
New Rupee symbol is added all Unicode fonts.
Unicode fonts are made compatible with Adobe Distiller.
Added conversion between BRH Tamil – BRH Tamil Tab fonts to FontConvert.
User can get trial key to try out the software.
User can update Baraha software by clicking 'Update Software' menu.
User can transfer Baraha software from one computer to another by clicking 'Transfer Software' menu.

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  • awesome, fantastic, thank you.

  • A great software. Thank you the people who developed it. Most useful applications of all to people who love and respect regional languages.

  • Awesome and very useful to all

  • Prasad Sirideva

    (18.03.2021 - 20:52)

    Very useful

  • Awesome and very useful.

  • Anand kumar Sinha

    (30.03.2021 - 06:44)

    Awesome and very useful.

  • Francesco Romeo

    (05.04.2021 - 20:45)

    Very good for the telugu people to improve the typing and to make conversation with others.

  • sandrĂ£o DJ

    (08.04.2021 - 08:22)

    I like Baraha, it’s useful for communication.

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    (29.04.2021 - 01:27)

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    (12.05.2021 - 10:53)

    This software is fine.

  • Good software.

  • We need Kannada Baraha.

  • ajinkya kumar

    (24.05.2021 - 13:19)

    How can I get an older version like 8.0? It keeps downloading 10.10 and requiring a trial key if I want to use it for free.

  • It’s cool as it’s helping me out in my projects.

  • This is the best software that I have come across for typing in Hindi. It used to be 100% free before. But now they are selling it, which is not bad. I would recommend it to everybody.

  • This is the best software that I have come across for typing in Hindi. It was 100% free before. But now they are selling it, which is not bad given its features. I would recommend it to everybody.

  • It is excellent

  • Nikhil Chawla

    (16.06.2021 - 11:07)

    An excellant software for writing texts in Indian languages.

  • Baraha is an Kannada Software and i am proud to Say that Kannadigas have made it

  • this program dowloads with trovi malware virus that takes over all your web browsers for search.

  • Stephen Taddeo

    (02.07.2021 - 00:43)

    80 dollars in exchange of my computer total damage….

    After the backup was created, it prompted me to reboot… windows starting… SPLASH! BSOD…. and an automatic restart. NOT RECOMMENDED.. STAW AWAY FROM ACRONIS AND ALL HIS PRODUCTS!!!

  • It used to be in my startup but now I don’t see the line anymore in there, however in the services says that it is pending, but I don’t know if I could force it to run somewhere in the registry

  • Bloated and intrusive.

  • Rajendra Kumar

    (15.07.2021 - 11:47)

    It crashes after a while, especially if viewing the pdf in a web browser. I’ve been saving the doc first then working on it from the drive.

  • This is the best game ever! I love it so much!

  • I really dont have the knowledge to fully test the parameters of this software, better to check someones review who knows what they’re talking about. As I say for what I needed it was absolutely fine.

  • Still trying, not find so far.

  • Why Can I Not Download The Paltalk Greater For It Wont Let Me

  • 15-day trial, but get the full-version. It’s worth your nomey.

  • None that I can think of, so far.

  • if you hate it theres probly something worng with you

  • We have installed an attendance system using the software. The party who installed it has no competent person to ensure its working. It has been malfunctioning since last six months. We are ready to pay.

  • is this the updating or the program that I have?

  • Stephen Taddeo

    (22.08.2021 - 10:44)

    I love this game and it never crashes on me.

  • The only cons are that the file size is 4.01MB. You also need a program like WinZip to open this program, because it comes zipped.

  • I like to limit the scan frequency. Some recommended actions are leading nowhere (500 screens or the requested version has been downloaded , but not recognized by your program. And since I can’t exclude the programs, I am stuck in a loop.

  • The product is rubbish and doesn’t do anything that it is supposed to do. It claims to back-up, well it might but you can’t access it without a password and it doesn’t recognise passwords. Getting help from customer service is virtually impossible. The help in their system is dire, while getting access to help involves a complex and obscure process that requires information not provided anywhere with product e.g. something called a “Build Number” – required, I assume to stop anyone getting through. I can only assume anyone giving it a good review is an employee, PR person or stock holder. Avoid like the plague

  • this program is for anyone who uses flash or is interested in using and learning it, if you just want to mess about and are not interested in learning about it then theres no point at all downloading it.

  • No cons. does exactly what I want outwith other editing software

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