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Blaze Media Pro 10.10 portable

Audio editing features

Audio editing options include using an amplifier, fade in and out, automatic gain control, chorus, compressor, distortion, echo, equalizer, flanger, gargle, normalizer, pitch, reverb, reverse, silence, tempo, filters, and more.

Extra functions to play with

Furthermore, Blaze Media Pro 10.10 pre-Activated Free Download lets you burn a CD or DVD, edit audio tags, use an audio recorder and merger, edit videos, split or join videos, capture videos, rip DVDs and extract audio content.

A powerful and reliable app

The bottom line is that Blaze Media Pro 10.10 Full Version Activation Code is an impressive suite dedicated to audio and video options, and it comes packed with some pretty advanced features. The program uses a small amount of system memory, and it has not failed on us during our tests. We strongly recommend it to all users.

Blaze Media Pro Free Crack

Blaze Media Pro serial keys is an all-in-one software comprised of a converter, a burner, and a multimedia editor. It also has a built-in Mp3 player, where you can preview the songs before any further editing. The interface is divided into 4 sections: the player -that includes the playlist-, the main menu, the audio and the video options. It doesn’t have theme customization options so at some point the grey color scheme can become boring. Despite that, the sections options are well-displayed, and overall, the interface doesn’t have any major inconvenience. The audio and video features it embeds are various and numerous. The list of audio supported conversions is extensive and includes ADPCM, AIFF, AU, VOX, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA or AAC. The bitrate and compression of audio formats can be adjusted, lower or higher, depending on user needs. Other audio features include audio extraction from video files, audio tag editing or music copying from CDs. The video capabilities it provides are file compression, batch processing, video capture and various conversion options, such as AVI, MPG, WMV or MOV. What it’s impressive at this suite is the combination of audio and video capabilities. You can convert from DVD to AVI, MPEG-1/2, and WMV for video and MP3, WAV, and WMV for audio extraction. More, you can create ISO files from discs or insert audio files, such as WAV, WMA, and MP3, into video files. As a conclusion, Blaze Media Pro Free Download Activator it’s a reliable suite, that has an intuitive design, responsive drag, and drop features and uses a low amount of system memory.

Plays, edits, and converts multimedia files Powerful application designed to help you play, convert, edit and burn audio and video files, while offering support for batch conversions tasks Blaze Media Pro 10.10 full version patch is your all in one multimedia software package that will give you the ability to convert, rip, edit, record, burn, and playback nearly all of your media. The software is easy to use when you want to enjoy your favorite audio and video entertainment, as well as when you want to open data CDs and DVDs.


  • Supports audio and video files
  • Not the best for sound restoration
  • Has an audio extraction feature
  • Media player, converter, and editor
  • Lacks customization options
  • Simple for anyone to use
Blaze Media Pro pre-Activated Free Download

Blaze Media Pro Full Version Registered is a suite designed for processing audio and video files. It can play, convert, edit and burn them.

Fast installation and clean looks

After a brief installation process, you can notice how simple and straightforward the user interface is. It is divided into the file menu, playback and playlist windows, audio and video options. Once you have added audio and video files to the playlist (drag and drop is not supported), you can play them in a simple media player.

Conversion capabilities

Blaze Media Pro 10.10 with keygen converts audio files (including CD tracks) to ADPCM, AIFF, AU, A/u-LAW, VOX, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA and AAC, as well as video files to Flash FLV, SWF, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV and the iPod and PSP profiles. You can configure frequency, channels, audio and video bitrate and codecs, quality, encoding mode, video height and width, and more. The conversion process (batch converting is supported) takes little time to finish (according to the size and format of the file), and sound and image quality is decently maintained.

System Requirement:

  • Sound Card
  • 30 MB HD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Pentium class 800 MHz processor or better
  • SVGA or higher resolution display
  • 4x or better CD-ROM drive (for CD conversions and CD-ROM playback)
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Keyboard
  • Speakers/headphones
  • DirectX 8.1 or Better
  • Optional CD Writer (for creating CDs)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Mystik Media
  • Last version 10.10

I’ve been using Blaze Media from 2010 – 2013 for converting veterans’ wartime experiences (from WMP on my recorder to WAV). We moved, had to get a new computer, and bought Blaze Media online. Right now I have neither records nor the info about version, etc. Is there any way for you to trace my prior purchase or must I buy a new program?

The only ones that have the possibility of tracking purchases are the developers of the application. To get in touch with the developers, access the following URL:

There used to be a site where you could buy this program which I did, but then they started saying it was out of date etc. Who had this program in the first place?

The developers of this application are still in the business which means you have the possibility to contact them. Access the the link below and use the FAX or the contact form to get in touch with them.
Contact information:

Here is the official website: and you can contact the developer by this url:

What’s new in last version:

Maintenance Release.
Redesigned video DVD burner feature can burn from AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and ASF video formats.
New Audio Recorder feature includes automatic track splitting and impressive memory management.
New feature to convert AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV video formats to Flash (SWF or FLV).
New feature to convert MIDI files to MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG audio in batch.

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  • luces430kamilamontero

    (06.03.2021 - 04:16)

    About every 8 months, my Blaze Media Pro must be reactivated & this is a nightmare because support is almost nil. Developer, Chris Hoffman, refuses to answer most emails & when cornered, claims that he did not receive my emails. Although the license is lifetime, he refuses to issue a refund. Stay away from this software if you are smart.

  • Aberra, Canada

  • Ajay Shegokar

    (14.03.2021 - 19:34)

    could do with a better rating system u dont get many 4 star and above almost all 2 star

  • ushan kavinda

    (17.03.2021 - 03:32)

    Doesnt play latest BD, tried Turbo, didnt work. Tried Lorax, played but video was like watching movie frame by frame. Tried with PowerDVD, same movie-pc-player all normal.

  • Anton Mihaylov

    (22.03.2021 - 12:42)

    There are many administrators in the game. A large majority of them remnants of past years and largely inactive – and therefore redundant in most respects. A few of the trainers were helpful, particularly – Insban, Ziggystud, Knight Killer, White Knights, Dreamin Spirit, and Royal Assassain. Aside from those few, the others have been cold, heartless, and unhelpful in there training abilities. My only con would be better organization of admins and Trainers in game. Graphics arent that great, but…as I said in pros…thats a good thing. Not a bad thing.

  • The overall start to finish scans can take some time. I think it could be tweaked to shorten the scan time.

  • Installs garbage programs – this program is spyware / malware.

  • No comment.


    (14.04.2021 - 11:36)

    Can’t find any so far

  • No bells and whistles but who needs them!

  • I would like it to automatically re-open my last unfinished puzzle.

  • As one can plainly see, it is “Free to try.” After 30 days it will no longer function unless one forks over $49.99. Deceptive advertising!!

  • uhm, the Setup file is too large…

  • Notta so far

  • Adobe – dedicated to trashing standards and producing timewasting bloatware ….

  • no icon on start up menu

  • None at this point as I onlt tried one function

  • Arthur Kennedy Otieno Jonyo

    (26.05.2021 - 15:20)

    The interface is a little confusing, as mentioned in the CNet review. No delete button, but rather find what you’re looking for in the menus.

  • It takes time but is ok

  • N/A, none that I can thing of.

  • need to be able to sync one way. Certain items on one drive/folder I don’t want on the other.

  • I’ll never use it again. I now have to pay to get my computer fixed after running this program. I now have a registry problem. I wrote to 1 Click Fixer, but no response from them.

  • Will not run on Windows7 64bit.Every attempt to run it results in a window saying, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

  • Richard Crawford

    (20.06.2021 - 00:23)

    The trojans that I later found to be virus’s were the very one’s this program was said to be access unavailable. Sure it will find the virus’s for you but it can not even touch them. Don’t waste your time with this

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