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For example, CAM Wizard serial keys also boasts FTP and email support, which means you can also automatically upload recordings on a FTP server or send an email notification once a new recording has been created. In this regard, the settings screen lets you set up the server address, subfolder, username and password, or email account and custom body text. Obviously, if you have multiple webcams installed on your computer, CAM Wizard Full Crack lets you choose the one you wish to use, but also configure the audio input and output devices. Additionally, CAM Wizard Activation Code has multiple dedicated features to set up motion detection, but also enable scheduling to automatically start a recording at a predefined time and date. The application works fairly smooth and although it sometimes seems to eat up CPU and RAM, it generally needs just a reduced amount of hardware resources to serve its purpose. All things considered, there's no doubt CAM Wizard Full Version Registration Code is a handy piece of software and the fact that it's highly customizable makes it appropriate for any type of user. You may spend a few minutes setting up the application, but in the end you definitely get an affordable and effective surveillance system.

CAM Wizard pre-Activated

CAM Wizard Registration Code is an easy to use application that turns you regular PC webcam into a surveillance system, offering a highly-configurable motion detection tool to help it do its job. The whole purpose of the program is pretty simple: CAM Wizard free download keeps an eye on your webcam and from the moment it detects motion in front of the camera, it automatically starts recording a WMV file. While the interface is pretty easy to use, not the same thing can be said about the settings menu that comprises tons of options for every single feature of the app.

The video captures are of high quality, and can be highly compressed, and can be archived for viewing or emailed to somebody by an email address that you choose. CAM Wizard 10.15 patched is software that allows you to monitor and detect motion. CAM Wizard 10.15 Full Version serial code movies contain a time stamp on every frame as a transparent overlay. This is very useful for detecting at what time what motion took place. You can install CAM Wizard 10.15 Full Version Activation Code at home to catch thieves and criminals in the act, this is useful for the home security system. CAM Wizard Full Version serial code is very easy to use. With CAM Wizard 10.15 registered it's possible to set up a multiple camera video surveillance system, and there's no need for long play cassette systems, CAM Wizard 10.15 activator records the WMV movies right to your hard disk drive or a network drive. One hours of footage takes only 12 MB; so, a 100 gigabyte hard drive has enough room for a year of continuous footage. CAM Wizard 10.15 activator only records footage when movement is detected.


  • Cam Wizard is a home security system
  • Unresponsive customer suppot
  • None
  • Easy-to-learn functions
  • Can send feed to email or FTP
  • High compression of footages
  • Buy disk in hand. If you download, especially if its free, you take your chances.
  • Easy to install (can operate up to 3 cameras). Automatically selects best settings based on your PC operating system. Has Camera Remote Control feature (for remote-control motorized cameras). Allows you to use your own MP3 sound file for alarm. You can even have the program contact you via your smart phone.
  • dont waste your money Updated on Feb 8, 2012
CAM Wizard Serial Key

Manages surveillance cameras and reconnects to the interrupted feeds The best CCTV software, turns any Windows XP PC and Web cam into a full motion detection, CCTV camera & VCR system. CAM Wizard registeration keys detects motion and starts recording video and audio into a WMV movie. The movie can be sent to any email address or uploaded via FTP to a remote server. CAM Wizard reg keys is also capable of streaming live JPG stills over HTTP so you can use it as a Web cam server. CAM Wizard 10.15 full version free also alerts you to motion using a siren or any MP3 file.

System Requirement:

  • 500MHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 50GB HD
  • Windows compatible WebCam
  • Sound input device
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author LEDSET Software
  • Last version 10.15

What’s new in last version:

Added windowshade mode to hide buttons and icons.
Fullscreen mode is persistent between instances.
Reduced minimum window size.
User can now select any video encoder that they have installed on their PC
Recorded movies are recorded at the cameras current resolution (not for WMV)
Forgot codesign in V10.12
Removed diagnostic reporting
Added watchdog: if the video driver stalls or the application locks for any reason
the watchdog will quickly restart the application so security remains unhampered.

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