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Download Corel Photo Album 6 free download – A software is designed to unlock the magic of your digital camera. Quickly import photos from your camera, and then organize, enhance, and share those photos, all with one program. Corel Photo Album 6 Full Version Activator is your complete digital-photography center, with everything from the one-click Quick Fix feature and powerful organizational features to VideoCD creation with photos and music, all in a few easy steps. Discover new ways to enjoy and share your photos with Paint Shop Photo Album.

Corel Photo Album Full Version Free Crack

A software is designed to unlock the magic of your digital camera. This program helps you import files from a digital camera and organize them on your PC. After launching Paint Shop Photo Album, you can import photos from a camera or select a folder where your images are located. The software offers image-editing features such as rotate, crop, red-eye removal, and captions. When you click a photo, the program automatically opens it in a large edit window, leaving a smaller photo-browser pane open on the left. The program’s Info section lets you display and change details such as size, resolution, title, and a description of each photo.

Corel® Photo Album™ 7 Deluxe helps you make your photos look their best Corel® Photo Album™ 7 Deluxe helps you make your photos look their best and then share them in exciting projects. Easy photo fixes improve color and lighting and straighten crooked photos. Creative templates let you make slideshows, scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars and more. You can even add video! Then print, email or share your photo creations on DVD.


  • Using layers tough, I wish there was a stitching app.
  • I am using it on Windows XP and it works fine, everything I have tried (most all options shy of DVD) works and is very easy to use. I especially like the ability to backup all pictures in one simple step, although it took 3 CDs it worked like a charm. I even tried to recover from them which also worked. I am also a user of Paint Shop Pro and I noticed that to adjust images (color balance etc.) Photo Album 5 jumps out to use the features of Paint Shop Pro (8.0 for me). I don’t know what it would do if I didn’t have that program though, because there are many more options at graphics in 8.0 than in Photo Album 5.0. It is also very easy to move from folder to folder if you have grouped your photos that way. All in all its a great program and makes wonderful Video CDs which I give to family to play on their DVD or CD Player. Well worth to $50.00 bucks.
  • you get to change pictures to your liking
  • The Dell version had multi problems with the CD disc which Corel did fix and is now really a 6.0.1 version for us Dell users, they forgot to put specific files on the CD disc but you have to go online and get that particular update, they may have even fixed the CD by now. There has only been 2 encounters with a problem since, but Photo album starts back up again with no problems. Captioning photos are hard and framing them does change or distort the photo sometimes.
Corel Photo Album Full Version pre-Activated

Main features

The interface is rather simple and any user will be able to handle the program perfectly after using it for a couple of minutes. Corel Photo Album 6 full version with keygen download free is an ideal tool to keep your photos perfectly organized and with the best possible presentation.

  • Dynamic file explorer.
  • Image viewer with zoom options.
  • Photo optimizer.
  • Tools for the creation of calendars, cards, and postcards.
  • Collection of filters and frames that can be applied easily.

System Requirement:

I have Photo Album 6 on PC from 2006. I am replacing my PC, but I wonder how can I upgrade and transfer photos and files from old PC to new one and also upgrade my version of Corel Photo Album.

This application doesn’t appear to be available anymore. I’ve checked on the Corel website, but it doesn’t exist which means it has been discontinued. This is no the only application that can manage photos on your PC, because there are plenty alternatives already available, but at this moment you have two choices.

  1. Recommended – Use an alternative to edit images. For starter, you can use the following result list:
  2. Not Recommended – Use a flash drive and transfer the installation directory by placing it in the exact same location on the new PC. This might not work due to compatibility.

I thought I was deleting one picture and I accidentally deleted the entire folder I was working on. Is there any way to get it back? It is not in the Recycle Bin and the photos were deleted from the camera when I downloaded them to Corel Photo Album 6.

As you can see in the official user guide, Corel Photo Album 6 comes packaged with PhotoRecovery software that helps you recover photos that were accidentally deleted. You can find it in Start > All Programs > Corel directory. If this tool doesn’t help, you can check Software Informer database for an alternative solution. Also, you can use the Corel Photo Album search feature to check if you can find the files somewhere in your computer. Press Ctrl + F key combination, set the searching parameters and press Search:
enter image description here


  • I evaluated several libraries for PDF generation and found ABCpdf to be the best option for Windows based servers.

  • No refunds
    Customer support will not answer your questions properly, more than likely they will give you a ‘politicians’ answer that does not help.
    You end up basically testing their software to find all the bugs in the code, you also pay for this privilege.
    When you question them on the above they will pretend that the problem has been fixed and offer you an internal release for the program – be prepared to constantly download the full program as it cannot patch.
    F rating on ‘Better Business Bureau’ – worth checking out first as they do not respond or even attempt to settle complaints.
    Produces bloated code that is only adequate for a website that is not intended for use (as it will perform slowly on un-efficient code).
    With the amount of bugs I encountered it ends up quicker to code from scratch rather than using Artisteer.
    I could keep going but I am bored of typing and you are bored of reading.

  • …but the few problems it does have can’t be resolved with no tech support.

  • Unfortunately it would not open the program that i hoped it would but it was worth trying, glad it was free to download.

  • After a tempo operation, some files appeared to be ok but were cut off before the end or could not be random-accessed in WMP.

  • It Simply Doesnt Work! it fails to convert files every time.

  • It wouldn’t install.

  • abid charolia

    (19.03.2021 - 13:56)

    Need to install the Framework in Winxp, but in Vista not need to install the Framework.

  • Not really aware of any since I haven’t played around it too much yet…but it would be nice to have a comparison abt the dfiff output file types in the help section for those who aren’t as familiar with them as I am.

  • The only downside is Iobit doesn’t cut me checks for being an unaffiliated techie fanboy who lavishes praise upon their software and highly recommends it to everyone I meet on the job.

  • It actually does what every other cleaner would do, only its faster and I kinda like the concept of telling you how much of it is there and when it’s red that means your poor computer is in trouble and you need to do something about it. Its a nice touch. It also has a defragmenter so that’s a double application right there.

  • It’s a wonderful program.

  • Gautam Bimal Prasad

    (09.04.2021 - 17:26)

    – UI can be better and filtering deleted files can also be made a bit easier (everything works though)

  • cannot find Japanese subtitles

  • Program had difficulty handling situations when the external backup drive was not constantly connected (such as during travel). Unpredictably monopolizes computing resources for hours at a time performing unnamed background tasks. Known program flaws have not been addressed.


  • No Help (nothing happened when I clicked on menu selection Help). No pan or zoom. No audio file capability. No meaningful picture captioning. No picture transition effects. Limited picture editing ability. Improving the English would improve readability.

  • It crashed on me using the Firefox engine, however this seems to be fixable problem.

  • Not TOO much improvement over Weather Watcher version 5.6.48 a TOTALLY free version.

  • You can’t clear the RAM with a single push of a button.

  • The archive shows an error. Why?

  • Can’t find a way to change color of furniture, but it might be there.

  • Dawus Jeremiah Mahan

    (25.05.2021 - 01:39)

    First time installation worked, even with König CMP- filmscan10 and ACDSee, then everything crashed. Installed it three times, no help. Nothing works

  • sometimes prayer time at my place lag 1or 2mins

  • This is a good software but this processes is so slow, please fix it.

  • jainendra kumar

    (05.06.2021 - 20:24)

    This software is perfect for me to practice my piano. It is incredible. Keep it up, guys!

  • I want 12.0 version.

  • donot have

  • A nice improvement would be an ability to customize background colors in ToDo, also to pick fonts, their sizes and colors. Calendarscope has all this, but lacks in other areas. So, overall winner is AAO.

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