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Therefore, with FakeVoice you can change your male voice into a female voice, and vice versa. This tool also includes two nice and useful effects – it can reduce or add echo to your voice, or apply a robot effect, changing the voice according to your preferences. This last feature can be personalized in a very intuitive way, using the graph provided. This reduces the program’s dependency on manual intervention during voice recording.

Fake Voice Full Version Registration Code

You can easily fool your friends by talking to them with a different voice every day. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems, though the current version is not yet well tested with Windows 7. Certain chat/call messengers would automatically detect FakeVoice as voice input. Modern ways of entertainment rely on video streaming and voice chat, for which you might want to change or adjust your voice, at least for a personal or funny note. As such, Fake Voice 7.0 Full Version Serial Key is a very easy to use tool designed to change your voice using a number of highly customizable effects.

Do you want to surprise your Messenger contacts or just have a good time by changing your voice’s sound? Fake Voice 7.0 serial code is an entertaining application that will transform your voice by applying effects and distortions to the sound captured from a microphone.

Have a good time with your friends or play a joke on someone

Fake Voice 7.0 Full Version Activation Code is capable of converting your voice into that of another person and making it sound deep like that of a man, gentle like that of a woman, high-pitched like that of a child or broken by old age. Moreover, it allows you to add effects to your words, like echo or robot style.


  • Supported by various calling software tools, like Skype
  • Cost is a bit high
  • For the first time a free voice changer
  • When I active Fake Voice 1.0.8, that listen always like ‘Flanger’ effect in GoldWave without limit.I thank it can open .wav file to edit it to change pitch, formant, base pitch and noise threshold that can also save in another file name.Then, I’ve uninstalled it and bye bye, drugged plug-in!
  • tried it with my msn live and it changes my voice like hell
  • Skype guys beware, I am a gay and I am equipped with fake voice to make you believe that I am female 🙂
  • don’t use it , many virus
  • not available
  • Program speaks for it self on the link. “Fake voice” as in “fake program”
Fake Voice free download

Quick setup and clean functionality

As you can see, Fake Voice 7.0 with crack is a very easy to use application and it's hard to get confused when launching it. Still, if you need assistance with any of the aforementioned features, a help file is also available to answer your questions. Obviously, Fake Voice with keygen runs on low resources and it takes just a few seconds to figure out how to use it. It has absolutely no problem to run on any Windows version on the market, remaining light on hardware resources all the time.

System Requirement:

How to make calls with this app?

This application doesn’t allow you to make calls. It’s used to alter your voice using pre-defined filters. You can record your voice in altered mode or you can use another application (Skype) to place a call and modify the voice. Download Skype, create an account and then place a call. Start the Fake Voice and activate it then to talk. Your voice will be adjusted based on the settings activated.


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