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Registry Cleaner

The "Registry Cleaner" takes care of unused file extensions, missing shared DLLs and TypeLib references, "open with" application errors, invalid default ICO and application paths, and others. Furthermore, you can perform a disk defrag, recover uninstalled remnants and registry, find duplicate files, and more. Performance and small flaws

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Final Uninstaller For Windows 10 Download finds extra programs and Registry entries left on your PC even after uninstalling a program. While it got off to a great start, a trial limitation prevented us from seeing it to the end. The program has a very easy to use interface. Its step-by-step instructions ensure you’re on the right track. Simply click the Scan button and immediately, the program locates installed programs and any remnants left behind from previously uninstalling apps.

The trial version only allows you to uninstall the first three programs or remnants. If you want to get rid of this limitation, then you will need to register your program and pay for the corresponding fee. The annual fee you pay for the registered version allows you to install it on up to three different computers.

Advanced settings

In the "Advance" section you can turn on automatic cleaning mode (i.e. enable to run "Junk Files Monitor" at system startup) or run a manual cleaning process when it comes to junk files or the registry. So, you can empty Recycle Bin, as well as look for junk files in memory dumps, system invalid and temporary files, Windows error reporting and Windows log files.


  • Easy to use
  • The anual fee of the program gives you the right of installing it on up to three different computers
  • Interface is kind of unattractive
  • Only allows you to remove 3. That is lame. How can I possibly experience the full capacity of a program if the limits are set that low. What a waste of download time. Very misleading.
Final Uninstaller registeration keys

Help is available in the form of FAQs on the publisher’s site, but there isn’t much there. We liked the program’s quick and accurate scanning capabilities, but we can’t vouch for its ability to remove the problems it finds. If you’re willing to take a chance, this program is easy enough for any user to operate. Simple-to-use program that helps you check out the applications installed on your computer, uninstall them and delete registry entries

System Requirement:

  • 64 MB RAM
  • 20 MB Hard drive space
  • Windows All
  • Author finaluninstaller
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Launch new plug-in Disk Defragmenter;
Add auto-update support for Disk Defragmenter;
Use a redesigned Final Uninstaller user interface.
Add clean log;
Fix errors.
Increase the range of scanner.
Release two new Plugins: Junk Files Scanner and Registry Clean up Expert.
We release an update to Final Uninstaller today and bring it to the version 2.1. The new version fixes some update issues and adds support for updating the file “Update.exe”. So the problems with online updates should be solved now.
Version 2.1 is NOT compatible to prior versions and can not be updated from prior versions. It is strongly recommended that all users download the latest version from our site instead of clicking “Online Update” button at the bottom of Final Uninstaller to update it.

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  • my favorite P2P program.Highly recommended!

  • Uninstall any thing without any traces

  • mahesh deshpande

    (14.03.2021 - 02:06)

    (19.03.2021 - 08:48)

    you can remove any program without any traces

  • with it you can remove any software without any traces

  • Athma Ram S.G

    (02.04.2021 - 19:50)

    The best downloader i’ve ever met! Allavsoft is just worth every penny. It saved me hours of work downloading videos and the guys at Allavsoft are always very helpful and quick to answer any problems. It is so easy to use.

  • Why do you have the size restriction?

  • No use of SMPTE or Frames, effects are limited without registering. Simplistic interface lacks advanced controls, features and functions. Cant even interlace audio or video in a desirable way! Don’t bother downloading unless your ten year old kid has an interest in video effects.

  • I downloaded and reinstalled it probably four times over, trying to get it to work. Please can we have something that actually does the job?

  • I had to reboot after running this and then again after attempting to watch the results due to constant memory errors. It never accomplished the tasks I downloaded it for, only gave me headaches, totaly wasted effort on my part.

  • log shows daily backups to today but in backed up files there is no obvious way to check that they are up to date. One document file seems to stop at July.

  • your comment under disadvantages is not correct. by disabling it in the start menu of xp or vista it will not run unless you start it manually. it will then run in the task bar untill you close it

  • muhammad bilal hussain

    (28.04.2021 - 05:43)

    Has a lot of programs that I never use

  • In my opinion, it is kinda expensive if you pay full price for it – I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t gotten the discount.

  • None That I have found in this or previous versions

  • Moyan Taimoshan

    (08.05.2021 - 05:46)

    considering that i’ll only ever use the defrag feature, available free as diskdefrag, and the registry cleaner, paying 30 bucks for this program seems quite high. still, for people who are looking for an easy maintenance solution this is probably your best bet.

  • could not down load this program

  • I have not come upon any unsatisfactory usage problems.

  • haven’t found anything yet

  • Great software to test websites before using them on a real server.

  • When I install Adobe Reader 8.1.2 it changes all desktop icons and Quick Launch icons to Adobe Reader icons. If I click on any of these icons it runs Adobe Reader. If I uninstall Adobe Reader all desktop icons return to normal. Need assistance with install on Windows Vista operating system. Thanks

  • The `new` user interface is just unbearable.

  • I’ll have to pay 14 bucks to keep it – it’s just that great!

  • Still a little slow. Enormous updates (some which have failed to install correctly).

  • i have tested on evaluation licence.. it does not showing all devices on my lan. to so long to refesh. 10 minutes or more

  • Acronis have given True Image 2012 a face-lift however the core of the program has somehow been destroyed. Networking functionality is exceptionally poor, it crashes regularly with very complex error messages that are now supported, backups cannot be recovered (seriously!) and it is exceptionally slow. For example, I changed the network address on our network drive and this caused Acronis to crash (one example of dozens).

    WARNING: All support after the initial 30 day “try before you buy” period must be paid for – and considering how the program is full of bugs and crashes on a regular basis and error messages are not supported – I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING ACRONIS 2012 – as you will receive no help from Acronis unless you swipe your card a second time…

    By the way – they seem to have off shored support – if you do get help (e-mail) it will be from a robot who thinks your a complete and utter idiot and tell you everything except for what you asked for.


  • Mithun Biswas

    (03.07.2021 - 07:35)

    Excellent app – loads of free software all automatically downloaded and installed once selected.

  • Well they do need to add the ability to back up to DVD cause alot of computers are getting dvd writers as defaultes put in to them its time to go with the times :S.

  • Bui Quynh Chi

    (13.07.2021 - 01:56)

    Alright now, it’s bad enough that it doesn’t come with instructions but…does it have to be in a foreign language?
    I mean, is this German or Dutch or what???

  • Jason Coleman

    (15.07.2021 - 15:49)

    As far as I can tell this product never cleaned anything from my computer. I would recommend looking somewhere else for a registry cleaner.

  • Extremely easy-to-use, intuitive software – takes 5 minutes to master and actually complete your task

  • Steep price..$600

  • havent found any yet

  • Not for geek coders. Lets be clear if your writing e-commerce sites this is not the tool for you, but for the other 90% of humanity this is it.

  • mohammed abdullahi

    (10.08.2021 - 09:42)

    Hard to ujnderstand where you can create a CD that will restore what you already wrote to another drive. Have to search through menus to find the option for it. A little too geek oriented and not enough “helpful instructions” on the so called help screens provided. Hopefully restoring my backup drive will work, after I get done testing Windows 8 which doesnt let me use many of my programs.

  • Maybe I will like it had more models, but I have found a lot on and on the 3dwarehouse site (sketchup). The collada files are working ok with sweethome3d.

  • jakir husen khan

    (18.08.2021 - 18:24)

    If you start using it wrong, you get into deep trouble. The on-line “Support” that is offered just wastes time and doesn’t help.

  • birgitta andersson

    (21.08.2021 - 22:28)

    Only one account available. If you need to use more, you have to pay. It’s not real.


  • Danato Reinhard Laga

    (31.08.2021 - 17:31)

    The only thing it will open is gif images, since that is what I want to create, why would I want to open one that is already created. Don’t download! I deleted about 2 minuits after finding out what it does.

  • No criticism

  • I didn’t find any

  • Alexander Korostelev

    (10.09.2021 - 05:51)

    Yes, it will want you to buy the pay version. There is no need to do that, the free version is just fine.

  • Dr. Anand Nadgir

    (12.09.2021 - 19:13)

    But I don’t think the graphics so good.

  • Warren Taylor

    (15.09.2021 - 23:42)

    upgraded from 7.0, tried to read PDFs in FireFox; so slow on page-down it momentarily freezes the cursor, and is at least 10X slower than 7.0.9, which updates pages instantly. 8.0 deletes 7.0, complicating getting rid of the hog.

  • Robert Danninger

    (18.09.2021 - 00:30)

    Over priced. Nag screen constantly bugs you!

  • i do not like its daily update. too frequent.

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