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Download Free Hide Folder 3 serials – Hide your private folders and secure them with a password to prevent other users from getting hold of your personal information, thanks to this tool In addition, you can backup and restore data, enable grid lines, as well as change the password of Free Hide Folder 3.5 Build 20171130 Free Crack. The program uses a low amount of resources, can guide you through an online help file and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. Since our last revision of Free Hide Folder 3.5 Build 20171130 full version, the program has made some improvements. We recommend it to all users, since it is extremely easy to handle. However, if you're looking for a strong level of security when it comes to your private data, then you should look for other tools.

Free Hide Folder preactivated

Free Hide Folder free download is a Windows utility that enables you to protect your private data from prying eyes. This type of programs comes in handy if you share your computer with other people and wish to prevent them from accessing or altering your personal folders while you’re away from the PC. To conceal a directory simply select the folder you wish to protect and click the “Hide” button. To reveal the folder, click the “Unhide” button. It’s that simple. However, the developers recommend you to back up the data you plan on hiding as a safety measure. The program comes with an option for immediately creating a copy of the directories you wish to conceal.

Most people have many files or folders on their computer which they do not want to others see or use them. If you are interested in protecting your personal information, Free Hide Folder 3 For Windows Download is just what you are searching for. With Free Hide Folder 3.5 Build 20171130 free full download you will protect your files avoiding them to be being modified, seen or erased by other users. Hide your private folders and secure them with a password to prevent other users from getting hold of your personal information, thanks to this tool


  • Password-protects the selected folders
  • Fast processing speed
  • Unappealing interface
  • Helps you back up your data before hiding it
Free Hide Folder pre-Activated

The only thing I don’t like about this program is the appearance of its interface. The tool looks like it was created in the 90’s. Still, this isn’t a big deal since Free Hide Folder 3 full download does exactly what’s being said on the homepage of the developer, without showing any errors or losing any data in the process. So, I’d say it’s definitely worth giving Free Hide Folder 3.5 Build 20171130 free download a try if you’re looking for a simple and quick solution for concealing data on your Windows PC.

System Requirement:

  • PC486DX
  • 10 MB free HD
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Cleanersoft Software
  • Last version 3.5 Build 20171130

What’s new in last version:

Add Features:
Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Changed the 'options.ini' file location..
Added the menu 'Show all folders on opening'.
Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
Fixed the scroll bar bug.
Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
Support windows vista.
Make software more stable.

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  • The most horrible User Interface I’ve ever seen on a professional graphics program. Tiny, black-on-gray (only slightly adjustable) U.I. is almost unreadable for those with older eyes.

  • how can i be sure i cut off others connections

  • There is nothing I don’t like about it.

  • rakesh sharma

    (02.03.2021 - 06:37)

    Text conversion is horrible. Edit document, auto converts document to text whether you want to or not, the option can’t be disable. In the review, the writer said Adobe gives you control over creating/editing your documents, just read from a press release from Adobe DC. You have no control. It automatically does editing, then you have to revert back to the original. Support gives you work arounds because the auto features in DC cannot be disable.. Again, piece of junk. I want a refund!

  • none, although I would like to know what settings the program converts media using new codecs if the settings tabs are left blank (if there’s any Oxelon folk about…)


    (10.03.2021 - 03:19)

    It’s not bad….indeed it’s quite good. That’s why it wins the 4 & a half star…..

  • 55555555555

  • It’s not free but somehow it’s in the free section of this website.

  • kesavan dhivakaran

    (24.03.2021 - 13:56)

    Privacy, privacy and privacy. Did I mention privacy? ­čÖé

  • It cost 30 dollars. Some programs do the same thing for free.

  • I have none yet

  • Nothing at the moment

  • Jayalakshmi Jayaraman

    (15.04.2021 - 16:27)

    Can’t thinks of any.

  • None I have encountered so far

  • Very limited and questionable content for Canada. Many other programs available that deal more specifically with Canadian conditions but most of them are not very comprehensive when it comes to the US. Hard to uninstall this program from VISTA & XP Pro for some reson.

  • Mary Ann Gisburne

    (27.04.2021 - 05:51)

    Trial could have been longer but it didn’t matter – I licensed it…

  • Josef Jeni┼íta

    (29.04.2021 - 22:05)

    I’ll use both area’s to reinterate It’s junk Dont get it!!

  • Can sometimes be confusing for inexperienced computer users

  • Forces you to have an ugly folder on your desktop where your downloads go. Can’t put the folder anywhere else, must be in desktop.

  • can not download version 5.0.5 for my old win98 machine as of 05 july 2010. link takes you to reader download page which offers downloads of latest version back to win 2000 r4 only no older version seems to be available on adobe site

  • efren c velez

    (18.05.2021 - 20:27)

    I found an issue while trying to minimize or close windows while the tool was working, an option for “Silent” mode would be useful. But for free … I’ll live!

  • Personally, at first glance it can be too simple, but then it does the task it was developed for, the multiple additional features just add to its value, the feature that can be very helpfull is startup manager you choose which application you want to allow to start with windows.

  • so far no bugs or inconviniences…

  • Make sure you go through the tutorial! Setting up different profiles requires a little bit of thought and planning.

  • nothing to tell

  • CNET link still has build 11 of Ancestral Quest 12. 13 is the current build. I emailed ancestral quest about this and their top programmer, Gaylon Findley replied that CNET must have copied rather then linked back. This way the verson is not always the latest. Gaylon Findley told me he would follow up with you. Today I tried your site and it still downloaded build 11. I have the large version of build 13 now, with all the possible dlls included, a very large file, as I now have DSL. This way I was able to get build 13 from their site. PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR SITE WITH THEIR LATEST BUILD WHICH IS NOW 13.

  • Can’t think of any at the moment.

  • satishkumar yadav

    (20.06.2021 - 10:50)

    The only complaint I have is that I have to go through two menus to get to the uninstall process. While touted as an uninstaller, when run, it presents itself as more of a swiss army knife.

  • i keep downloading it and keeps telling me that i missing a file it wont work

  • Alex Yakimchuk

    (01.07.2021 - 08:00)

    yah the best in the world!! best of the best.

  • You have program installed in your machine (The program version showing in your software’s page list is now older. The latest is 9.1.0, which you can update either by clicking check for update button under the Help menu of your program or by downloading and in-stalling it from

  • not compatable with xp

  • It would be nice to have more decisions about being included at startup, but msconfig takes care of this flaw

  • nope so far so best

  • The help isn’t written in laymans terms – there are a lot of imaging buzzwords which users won’t necessarily understand. Better than no help at all though !

  • But the movie which can see is long,long time ago, not a trendy & up-to-date one, this is not so good

  • Would have gotten 5 stars if it could do time lapse still captures and capture more than one device at a time.

  • I tried this one three times, just in case. After converting .avi files to DVD format, they wouldn’t play back on VLC media player, and neither Nero or Roxio recognized them as a format that could burn to video DVD. Waste of time.

  • I recommend not running the complete scan too often. Every time I do, I have to uninstall and reinstall the program because it messes up the formatting of web pages in Firefox. Instead, use the “Erase Recycle Bin” function after deleting files. It accomplishes the same thing as a complete scan, but doesn’t have the problem with Firefox or other web browsers. The support website is also a bit lacking in detailed information, but this is a very minor problem because the program is very user-friendly.

  • Rajat Kumar Biswal

    (11.08.2021 - 19:41)

    The interface and help file were not as polished as I would prefer if I was paying for this – but I did not pay – it was free. I might rate this 4 stars if I had paid US$25 for this, but I’m rating it 5 stars because it worked & its use was easy.

  • fed up with this crashing down on me

  • Shirley Parry

    (21.08.2021 - 12:17)

    I don’t have any cons. Stupid fill in box!

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