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GooReader full download is a desktop application that allows you to read Google Books and books from Google Play online and offline, add Bookmarks, create a local Library and save books to PDF. You can search inside a book by clicking on the button in the reader control panel. At that the Search Inside Book window will pop up. Using GooReader 5.0.0 pre-Activated you can save any book page or fragment as an image file. Besides, you can annotate this page or fragment with the marker.

GooReader Full Version Full Crack

E-books are becoming increasingly popular thanks to how easy they are to carry around. GooReader 5.0.0 Full Version license Key is a program that can help you search, find and read books and magazines from Google Play (formerly Google Books). The app comes with a simple interface and an intuitive layout. The program connects to the Google account and imports all the items related to it. They appear as if they are placed on shelves. Searching for a particular item, whether book or magazine, is an easy job. If you hold your mouse over any of the titles, several options are made available. Details regarding the books can be viewed, such as the name of the author, the number of pages, the year the book was published and even the ISBN code. The tomes can be added to the library, deleted from the shelf or saved to PDF.

  • Search and check books and magazines from all of the Google Books database.
  • Create your own local library.
  • Add bookmarks to your reading to locate them instantly.
  • Work both online as well as offline with the application.
  • Appealing interface that shows the covers and front page of the documents.
  • Zoom into the contents, search and highlight the passages that you like the most.
  • Start session on Google and access your online library, favorite books, books bought from Google eBookStore, etc.


  • Allows you to convert your Google books to PDF files
  • Provides details about each book or magazine
  • Helps you create your own library
  • Offers a great-looking graphical interface
  • I couldn’t find any disadvantages
  • Evidently some paid for google books are DRM protected, some are not, and even though I can login to google in the gooreader app, it won’t read one of the books. However I can freely read it with ipad, iphone webbrowser google play readers, So why bother with a different reader for just the free ones?
  • Absolutely none
  • Too complicated compared with other e-readers. Unusable.
  • Nice-looking GUI. Search functionality is good. Ability to download docs to PDF is fantastic.
  • No pros noted.
  • Virtually ever other ereader is better.
GooReader full version with crack and keygen

Create your own library with GooReader 5.0.0 Full Version portable, a desktop application to inquire and check the contents of Google Books. Download GooReader 5.0.0 For Windows Download to your computer free The lack of time is probably the main reason why people stopped reading as much as they used to. Being able to read your favorite books and magazines on your laptop or mobile phone is a convenient solution to this problem. GooReader 5.0.0 For Windows Download was designed to help you do just that.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author GooReader
  • Last version 5.0.0

What’s new in last version:

Access your online Google Library, search inside books, arrange books in the local Library
Read Google Books offline, create bookmarks and personal Library
Export Google Books to PDF

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  • I love it.

  • I loaded Reader 8 two separate times but still couldn’t get to use it because the message said ” I didn’t accept the license agreement.” Problem is that it says if you download and install the software you automatically agree to the license terms. Well it didn’t work for me. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it didn’t work again. I uninstalled it and installed Acrobat Reader 7 and it worked on opening pdf. files.

  • Jean-Michel Deboeur

    (04.03.2021 - 12:22)

    It makes a person to buy it.I think it Itself PUTS ALL TROJANS IN Our P.C……!I hate it………….

  • I try. Keep on trying. I will donate after successful unlock.

  • PVR Garu, please consider releasing an iOS or Android version.

  • It will not make my connection any faster.

  • log shows daily backups to today but in backed up files there is no obvious way to check that they are up to date. One document file seems to stop at July.

  • That limited point you reach in the program comes fairly quick. It doesn’t even wet your curiosity to see how it works by giving at least one code find view…but nope.

  • anandhu shdoz

    (31.03.2021 - 12:30)

    I used it and got complete Zimbra to Office 365 conversion result. I directly converted my all data of Zimbra to Office 365 without missing any details.

  • It Simply Doesnt Work! it fails to convert files every time.

  • I like this VST and want to try it.

  • Steve Le Lievre

    (20.04.2021 - 03:25)

    Can it convert .exe to .apk?

  • Haven’t found any problems.

  • Not as user-friendly as the pre-2.3.0 versions.

  • I’m increasingly concerned over the operation of the CNET web site and software download tools and processes. The various pages have become intensly confusing and misleading with respect to what is being downloaded. There are no clear pathways between the various steps to go to the wanted download and get it. The layout is now designed to mislead a user and actually cause the downloading of various other items …other than the wanted and requested one.

  • Unfortunately, it starts up as a minimized program in the taskbar (I only want the temperature in the notification area, like Weatherbug). In order to only display the temp, you have to close the program, then reopen it… but half the time the window freezes and the program crashes. Also, you have to keep reselecting your station location from the “favorites” list in order to get the correct info. Also eats up about 12 MB memory.

  • kaipa raghu rama murthy

    (08.05.2021 - 18:28)

    Only appears to record from CD or microphone. Trial version limited to 30 seconds recording.

  • Alter Native Current

    (13.05.2021 - 04:14)

    Bad Installation

  • Duplicate file finder needs to be tuned up better.

  • It resets from time to time. no customer support

  • Susan L. Walker

    (28.05.2021 - 21:47)

    Refered to site that harbours known trackers

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