• fancy name. doesn’t monitor instalations. it just accesses add/remove proggie in windows. it’s not worth the money. a program should not call itself an unistaller if it doesn’t monitor instalations.

  • Constant problems with improper size in dual monitor configurations (regardless of settings in options – documents have the size of the smaller monitor on the larger monitor). PDF preview in Outlook 2007 is not working. Preview in Explorer is not working. Crash when two PDFs are opened simultaneously (this is related to DEP and this problem just developed recently without any interventions in any settings). I have to switch to Foxit to normally view PDF, which is by the way a lot faster.

  • May be a bit overwhelming for the average user.

  • Pavel Kudrevich

    (17.03.2021 - 14:40)

    I can’t find any thing Idislike about this program

  • cons: malware, spam, application takeover.

  • Is pretty expensive and the trial doesn’t give you much. If you use iTunes, “iTunes Album Browser” by JezSoft (also on download.com) does it just as well (some things like the Now Playing panel much better!) at half the cost (plus more functionality in the free trial).

  • Sayantan Sarkar

    (27.03.2021 - 09:15)

    Has Malware

  • great great great great great

  • I have fifteen other antimalware programs I use to keep this computer protected. Arovax consistently finds spyware none of the other programs can. I think Arovax is indispensible. (I hesitate to say this because I am on Social Security, and the fact Arovax is freeware is very appealing. [[I hope it stays this way]]).


    (07.04.2021 - 12:30)

    Could do with an update

  • Does not work, I tried for 6 months with no joy and waste of money and time.

  • It rarely finds threats which makes me think it’s not checking really closely or deeply.

  • zyalama sundev

    (16.04.2021 - 14:48)
  • None that I can find yet.

  • I Love what you have done in making the whole wide wolrd a global villiage.

  • chicken nuget

    (25.04.2021 - 05:35)

    Few days back, I called up iYogi technicians for regular maintenance of my PC. The tech guy asked me to instal thel iYogi support dock software for better management of my PC. Without any second thought, I asked the tech guy to install the software on my PC. Support Dock has really changed the life of my PC. Now, I don’t come across any speed or performance issue in my PC.

  • It has a confusing and inconsistent interface, it does not do what it was claimed to be capable of doing, is is buggy and inconsistent. The original version (circa 2005/2006) that I used for several years was reliable and easy to use. This is rubbish by comparison.

  • In addition, the converted songs will preserve full ID3 tags. So I don’t bother to edit it myself.


    (12.05.2021 - 20:40)


  • AVG detected a trojan on installation but I think this is a false positive – turn off antivirus before installing. Conversion rate is a bit slow and there is no time prediction as to how long it will take. However it has been fine so far and will work in background.

  • The ONLY reason I used a converter at all was to burn subtitles into film/video.
    I had the OLD VERSION of this product for over 3 years, and accidentally deleted it.
    This is the only version I can now find and it DOES NOT offer option to “Burn” subtitles into film or video anymore. I cannot find the older version anywhere so I won’t be using this product anymore as it no longer serves it’s purpose for me.

  • I like everything about this program….there’s not one thing I don’t like

  • Scheduling would be nice, although I don’t have a need for it.

  • DaWarTekWizard

    (04.06.2021 - 03:24)

    This is one of the best mp3, wav players especially if you enjoy being able to see the lyrics to the song that is playing. Has just enough bells and whistles. Skin able, equalizer, supports playlists, tag editor, tag viewer, repeat on/off, shuffle, desktop lyrics bar.

  • charlemagne j. velasco

    (10.06.2021 - 09:52)

    Problem is that it ‘found’ 13 ‘out of date’ and ‘defective’ drivers. I went to my own Device Manager and tried to ‘update’ them but ALL 13 were already installed with the latest updates! In fact three of them were updated beyond the Driver Update ‘recommendation dates’!

  • I want a new card.

  • Lack of tutorials. Lack of quick movie themes. The wedding video that turns a good number of your film into black and white and has no ideas but to fly doves in front of the guests was particularly bad. Bugs-bugs-bugs.

  • Richard kotey

    (25.06.2021 - 12:05)

    Somewhat limited in choice of fonts for notes.

  • Robert Bukowski

    (02.07.2021 - 08:30)

    The widget would frequently disappear and the only way to bring it back was to click on it’s icon in the task bar. I wanted something that would be at-a-glance not at-a-click.

  • It would be better if it supports to fast forward at various speeds (1x, 2x, 8x, etc.)

  • Not sure I found anything yet.

  • No bugs found yet

  • I find it would be hard for somone that doesn’t know much about computer to use it. 🙁

  • can not download version 5.0.5 for my old win98 machine as of 05 july 2010. link takes you to reader download page which offers downloads of latest version back to win 2000 r4 only no older version seems to be available on adobe site

  • Nothing. Like I said it will ASK YOU IF YOU WANT TO INSTALL THE TOOLBAR. Just uncheck the check box. It is not so hard.

  • When would the world get rid of this software that needs constant update and is vulnerable to viruses. Such an annoying thing!

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