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The application can also be used for improving the reading and writing skills, thanks to the possibility to link images with written expressions. This assists children in expressing their thought and communicating ideas to others fluently. The 'Word Guide' only adds to its value by providing assistance for reading word explanations and searching for synonyms or antonyms. The math activities are designed to help children learn about basic operations, such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, division or creating graphs. In the 'Social Studies' section, they improve skills related to a variety of domains, such as object comparison, animal behavior and classification, meal habits, history and chronology, biography, politics and more. As expected, the interface design matches the application purpose entirely, displaying suggestive animations and colorful images. Furthermore, the 'talking interface' makes things even more easier.

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The engaging activities, together with the ease of use makes Kidspiration 3.0 Full Version Registration Code a must-have educational tool. It provides all the necessary tools that contribute to making learning appealing to children, while offering a great tutoring utility to parents and teachers. Download Kidspiration 3.0 full version – A visual learning software for kids that helps them develop their skills and practice math, reading and writing, comprehension and reasoning

A visual way to learn words, numbers, and concepts A visual learning software for kids that helps them develop their skills and practice math, reading and writing, comprehension and reasoning Kidspiration Full Version Full Crack 2.1 is software designed for kids ages 4 to 10 to use as a whiteboard and express themselves in different knowledge and thinking areas like literacy,numeracy, concept and idea, in a visual way. We can download on-line and try this program for free for a 30-days period.


  • We can try before buying
  • Lots of visual icons
  • The Word Guide is far too basic compared with a simple school dictionary
  • The Robotic voices cannot be heard properly
Kidspiration Full Version Full Crack

Kidspiration 3.0 For Windows Download relies on visual learning methods, aiming to help pupils develop basic skills in various domains. It can engage children in several interesting activities designed to make the learning process entertaining, providing exercises related to reading and writing, math, science and social studies. The drawing application enables users to create logic diagrams and maps that helps them organize, connect and synthesize ideas or express their thoughts much easier. The extended and variate object library allows them to include all kinds of graphics within a project, from geometrical figures to science-related objects. Customized symbols and figures can also be created using simple paint tools.

System Requirement:

  • Pentium II 266 MHz or faster
  • 128 MB minimum RAM
  • 800×600 (minimum); 1024 X 768 (recommended)
  • 16-bit color or higher
  • 75 MB minimum install
  • 250 MB full install CD-ROM drive (for installation only)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Inspiration Software, Inc.
  • Last version 3.0

I can’t install Kidspiration on Windows 10. Installation starts, it finishes; but Kidspiration is never loaded, without even a message.

I’ve downloaded the trial version from the official website, and installed it on Windows 10 operating system running on x64 architecture. The trial completed successfully and I was able to launch the application.
The default installation path is: C:ProgramDataKidspiration 3
Obtain the installation package and install it and it will work.


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