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You cannot drag and drop the files into the main window of the app, so you should add them using the built-in browse option. There are several configuration settings included in the app by the developer that make the entire process easier and faster. You can make Launch4j 3.12 with keygen search for a certain JRE version or use a bundled one by specifying the initial and maximum heap size. If the app is not able to open a JAR file or some errors occur during the process, then it automatically opens the Java download page or a support website.

Launch4j full version with crack and keygen

Create Windows executable from Java applications using a simple interface and clear options, with custom class paths and environment variables Cross-platform Java executable wrapper for creating lightweight Windows native EXEs. Cross-platform Java executable wrapper for creating lightweight Windows native EXEs. Provides better user experience. Launch4j pin is a software utility that allows users to wrap Java applications into Windows native executable programs. We all know how tiresome it can get to open a Java-based application on Windows, and this is why Launch4j codes comes in handy for all users who want to run JAR files as regular Windows programs. You may convert Java applications on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. Although the user interface is straightforward, there isn’t a help menu included in the app that could make the beginners understand how this program works.

Launch4j Serial Key is actually impressively powerful and comprehensive, providing a lot of cool features that would take many pages to enumerate. Yet, it's very small, neat, lightweight, and best of all, open source. I also like Launch4j 3.12 full version crack because it supports GUI and console apps, as well as Windows application manifests. Moreover, it can be used to create launchers for JARs and class files without wrapping. Build integration through an Ant task and a Maven Plugin is also available.


  • Very feature-rich and comprehensive
  • Allows setting additional environment variables
  • Open source
  • Can create launchers for JARs and class files without wrapping
  • None
  • Neat, well-structured interface
Launch4j keygen

Launch4j 3.12 Full Version license code is a powerful and reliable solution to convert your Java JAR files into Windows-native EXE executables. This handy tool offers a really convenient manner of wrapping JAR apps into EXE files, as it also offers access to all the options that one might possibly need when performing this transformation. For example, it lets you bundle a specific JRE version or make the app ask to search for one if needed. It also allows setting runtime options, environment variables, an app icon, a splash screen, the Java download page, and many more. Furthermore, dynamic classpath resolution using environment variables and wildcards is also supported, as well as digital signing of the executable with sign4.

System Requirement:

  • Java
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Grzegorz Kowal
  • Last version 3.12

What’s new in last version:

Log more regarding Java search and missing resources.
Log resource file during build.
Added basic Java 9 support (only major version is detected right now due to version scheme change).
Launch4j itself is not yet compatible with it and runs on Java 8 max.
Allow literal use of % in JRE options and set environment variables, use %% (blueskyhigh).
Added Linux 64-bit binaries (Sebastian Bögl).
Added IBM Java 1.8 support.
JNI header: fixed a crash where launch4j would try to `free` non-heap memory (Alexander Floh).
Ticket #160 Removed old Mac OS X package which caused problems on newer versions of the system.

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