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In addition to e-mail address, you can enter the names of customers or friends. Once the desired template is chosen, all you need to do is compose your e-mail message. While Mail Bomber 11.4 free is in operation, it automatically merges names with the e-mail messages. Mail Bomber 11.4 activator lets you efficiently manage your mailing lists. You can perform searches for records as well as modify, insert and remove items.

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Mail Bomber key is a basic, yet surprisingly flexible, tool for sending mass e-mails. It provides everything you need for managing mailing lists, writing e-mail messages and sending them over the Internet. In fact, you can maintain a number of separate mailing lists, e-mail messages and SMTP servers for different audiences and needs. Mail Bomber 11.4 setup is very easy to use. All of its main features are accessible from the main interface. Most functions can be executed with a click or hotkey. A great feature is the program’s templates, which allow you to personalize e-mail messages to individual recipients.

Download Mail Bomber full version with crack and keygen – A basic, yet surprisingly flexible, utility that can send mass emails Send mass emails to subscription-based mailing lists The Mail Bomber 11.4 full version with keygen download application is a mass emailing program used to send many emails to many different recipients at once. Mail Bomber 11.4 Full Version Activation Key can be used by small businesses, individuals and more, and is aimed at anyone who wants to send large email campaigns, whether for advertising, sales, personal or informational purposes.


  • Easy to send large mailings
  • May not be sufficient for large businesses
  • User-friendly interface
Mail Bomber Full Version pre-Activated

Mail Bomber 11.4 premium is a professional application that aims to send mass emails to predefined lists of recipients. The application allows you to send personalized messages with the aid of the built-in templates and achieves fast delivery throughout multiple SMT servers. The use of such a program may be required in situations that involve notifying a large list of recipients of new products (if you own a company), sending invoices to multiple clients at a time or delivering greeting cards to a group of friends.

System Requirement:


  • It’s not free.

  • Richard Ackon

    (09.03.2021 - 09:38)

    I have not seen and cons so far.

  • $1000, is a lot of money…….

  • Ino Jay Anunciado

    (20.03.2021 - 16:24)

    Computer went through what appeared to be a “dead” mode. Walked away until it came back to life–but with the Pro PCCleaner nuisance deleted for good. So give your computer time to do the removal task.

  • It doesn’t do everything I wish it would, but what it does do I am happy with

  • Maurizio Montefiori

    (28.03.2021 - 13:06)

    I was not able to merge more than two files simultaneously where the files were bigger than 500mb.

  • Md. Zahangir Alam

    (30.03.2021 - 22:18)

    CONS: they don’t mention costly publishing with them is required. User agreement has fine print obligating you to republish automatically every year unless you notify to cancel. They lie about service/support, there is none. Transfer of files and program from one computer to another is very problematic. Overall BAD.


    (03.04.2021 - 06:00)

    Crashes every time I do a search. Tried reinstalling but didn’t fix the problem. Installer on site isn’t compatible with FF 3.0.1

  • Wilmer Blanco

    (10.04.2021 - 04:46)

    False positives. Seems they

  • I have not found any yet.

  • DVD player to TV “incorrect disc”

  • not enough print packages – I would like to be able to create my own package
    some features seem difficult to use (may just be me)
    can be a little slow to load

  • None so far 🙂

  • Excellent app – loads of free software all automatically downloaded and installed once selected.

  • If you are not tech savvy you may have some issues with setting printer permissions, but nothing that is not easily sorted via an internet search.

  • The creation of the rescue CD fails, and the copying program’s I/O error message codes are not helpful. Retrospect Express HD gave me the problem in English so I could fix a file name.

  • Ivan Smiljkovic

    (09.05.2021 - 12:56)

    I don’t like their background image.

  • nothing i don`t like right now

  • sudhir sharma

    (22.05.2021 - 05:27)

    What could be a great addition is if one could highlight two files in your explorer, right click on it and click on something like “ExamDiff” to compare the two files. Just an idea.

  • Suzanne Dzupik

    (27.05.2021 - 07:31)

    Wrecks mouse on XP Pro.
    Hangs and disables attaching pdf files in Outlook Express.
    Horrible toolbar now that is not easily configurable
    FIREFOX WILL NOT ALLOW EARLIER VERSIONS, and if you try to use them on the same machine, it will disable your activity.

  • yes it’s helpfuk

  • Hector Velarde

    (05.06.2021 - 07:45)

    Needs some improvements in UI

  • xXbigDIC_lickr49Xx

    (11.06.2021 - 14:47)

    you can’t print unless you by their print medium–what a scam

  • Only one … I wish they would make a Windows 7-10 PC apps. I have to manually add it to the start menu and manually associate the MS file type to be opened by LibreOffice 🙁

  • Had problem with downloading it from here other then that no problem with the program itself

  • Lwrence Lighter

    (24.06.2021 - 20:53)

    Does it work on personal computers which are not Toshiba branded?

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