PCDJ DEX license Key

PCDJ DEX Full Version license Key

If you prefer to use the mouse and keyboard the interface provides access to all the important functions. The owners of a hardware controller can take advantage of the support provided by the app in order to quickly apply effects. During playback the program uses about 400 MB of memory, depending on the number of songs and the sound quality. PCDJ DEX registeration keys is a reliable solution for any user that wants to mix songs. Although the price clearly points to professional use, you can also try it at home to entertain your friends.

PCDJ DEX Free Crack

The program emulates a DJ turntable and features two digital audio players that can play different tracks at the same time. The audio database browser enables you to organize the audio files and to quickly select the ones that you want to use. It can provide with a full range of audio files since it can handle MP3 files, playlists and songs from the iTunes library. The program can also load an entire folder or browse the local folders in order to load a certain song. You can use the program to open MP3 files but also video files such as MPG, AVI or MP4 in order to play the audio track. The video files, such as music video clips can also be watched in full screen.

Transport And DJ Mixer Controls DEX 3 makes it easy to mix everything. The DEX 3 user interface and transport controls work much like CD Decks and include advanced mixer controls much like you find on high-end physical DJ mixers. Advanced Media File Browser With Search, Playlists And Automix DEX 3 includes an advanced media file browser for all your music, music videos, and karaoke files.  iTunes playlists are also imported automatically so you can start mixing immediately. 90+ Compatible Dj Controllers PCDJ DEX preactivated is a professional application designed for disk jockeys but also for casual computer users that want to mix songs. Weather you mix songs for a living or just want to try some combinations for your friends this program allows you to get quick results.


  • None
  • Includes a large list of automated processes and top-notch functionality
  • Allows you to record your mixing sessions
  • Well-structured and attractive interface
PCDJ DEX codes

Let’s show you how! A series of DEKS series tutorials covering the basics up to the advanced functionality of mixing software for the DJ have been released. Tutorial videos make it easier than ever to learn how to use best DJ software, without having to pour over a complicated manual. Keep checking back, as free updates of DEX become available so will additional DEX tutorial videos. Features and Highlights Note: 30 minute sessions in demo version.

System Requirement:

  • 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad / Core i3/i5/i7 / Amd Phenon (Celeron Not Recommended)
  • 4 GIG RAM or Better
  • Video Card: Dedicated Graphics Card with at least 512MB
  • DirectX/ASIO Compatible Multi-Channel Audio Interface
  • 200 MB free on the hard-drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage: secure.avangate.com
  • Author Digital 1 Media Inc
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

New Built-in Karaoke.net Store for purchasing karaoke songs from within the DEX 3 Browser
New option to disable Karaoke.net under karaoke settings in options
Minor performance improvements and bug fixes
Added Visualizations (using ShaderToy.com shaders) – you can add new shaders from ShaderToy.com, rename, remove them, etc
You can pre-adjust key / apply key change in the karaoke rotation list
You can add tracks from History that have a singer name and key change to the karaoke rotation list (the saved Singer and Key change will be used)
Added “Always show shaders on top of everything” setting (Video preferences tab)
Automatically hide/show shader in case the deck does/doesn’t have video – you need to select “0 singers” in the Karaoke preferences or have an audio-only track playing if you want to see the shader; or, you could simply use the new “Always show shaders on top of everything” setting

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