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The basic functioning of the program is rather simple, you only have to choose the input format of the file on which the floor plan can be found and choose which version of DWG or DWF you want to transform it into, and in less than a minute you’ll have your floor plan available. As well as PDF and JPG files, Print2cad 1.0 premium can also work with TIFF and HPGL files, and can even be used as an OCR application to recognize the texts that are written within a document. Therefore, if you want to have an easy way to access editable floorplans despite having them in PDF format, all you have to do is download Print2cad crack to your computer. Print2cad with serial keys 2013 converts PDF files to DWG/DXF with full OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability to create fully editable, CAD-ready files. Capable of text and dashed line recognition with built in conversion tool. Full support of layers, colors, arcs, circles and line types. Now available in five language: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Print2cad For Pc Free Download

The file list provides specific information on each item, namely the name, source format, size and location. If you are satisfied with the default settings, then you can immediately proceed with the conversion procedure by specifying the output format and directory. Print2cad Full Version license Key lets you customize preferences for raster-to-vector conversion. Thus, you can fully vectorize raster images, convert raster images as a horizontal group of lines or "solid" entities, extract raster pictures and place them as references in drawings, as well as fiddle with expert options (e.g. pixel limit for contourization, gap jump, angle sensitivity).

Print2cad patch 2013 converts PDF files to DWG/DXF with full OCR You may find yourself in a situation in which you have a floorplan in PDF or JPG format, and you need to transform it into a DWG so that you can modify its parameters using AutoCAD or a similar application. That’s when you can resort to Print2cad 1.0 portable .

Get hold of editable floorplans

It may seem a triviality to many users, but drawing up a floor plan can take quite a lot of time and advanced knowledge of graphic design applications. But thanks to Print2cad 1.0 Full Version portable it’s possible to have an editable floor plan available in no time at all.

Print2cad Full Version keygen

A feature-rich and efficient software solution that can help you print PDF, DWF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG files to CAD (DWG, DXF) with minimal effort Print2cad 1.0 Activation Key allows you to convert floorplans in PDF format into DWG files used by AutoCAD. With Print2cad Full Version license Key you will have the floorplans available in no time Download Print2cad full version setup – A feature-rich and efficient software solution that can help you print PDF, DWF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG files to CAD (DWG, DXF) with minimal effort

System Requirement:

  • Windows 10: 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 8: 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 7: 4 GB RAM
  • Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author BackToCAD Technologies, LLC
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

OCR Text Recognition, DWF to DWG

Print2CAD 9.86 Free Download Activator


  • none ­čÖé

  • Tigran Ulikhanyan

    (08.03.2021 - 17:04)

    Poor tutorial
    Item numbering confusion

  • Completely stinks. Never got it to capture a single thing. I use a Mac keyboard with my PC and this program promises to solve the “no PrtScr key” but it does not! Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!

  • I do not like the way I was treated& and the graphics are from Atari. This game was a huge waste of time. My advice to everybody is DONT BOTHER. 2 Thumbs down!!!

  • stephen goode

    (18.03.2021 - 18:15)

    This is a funny game. I like it very much.

  • Some people find the interface confusing or daunting. If you’re serious about learning 3D, the learning curve is no different from any other professional level package. Blender’s interface is not necessarily beautiful, but highly effective once you get the hang of it. Before you spend $1000 or more on 3D software, spend some time with Blender.


    (27.03.2021 - 01:11)

    Purchased on 2nd May 2007, cancelled on 20th May. In spite of some early “refund done” (untrue) and then “investigating” (no result), now they don’t respond at all and worse – THEY DON’T REFUND. Based in Russia, good luck!

  • It shuts itself down suddenly after running for sometime (in Sniff Network mode) without giving you any warning and you have to rerun it though the same procedure repeats again and again unless you stop Sniffing Network and just start it whenever you DO need a url to be revealed for you!

  • Would be nice to have more Bells and Whistles. It is bear bones, which sends you back to look at more programs to buy.

  • becuose the sky is high


    (15.04.2021 - 20:25)

    Poorly designed; Actual functionally suspect (wouldn’t fix any files I’ve tried!)

  • Uh, it doesn’t work

  • How to add “Arial Unicode MS” to enable input of Chinese characters on photos?

  • No problems. Its slow but thats just the nature of Torrents .

  • It removed my search home page and returned it to the Firefox homepage. It also changed my search bar search from, and restored it back to the default google. Something is beginning to stink here.

  • anish varshney

    (05.05.2021 - 12:08)

    Doesn’t do taxes for me.

  • -Does not allow you to batch convert multiple videos to different output formats at the same time and before you ask why anyone would ever need to do that videos of different resolutions and frame-rates would need to be converted @ different bit-rates in order for an optimal quality to files size ratio to be maintained.
    -Automatically puts the output codec in the file name by default although this can be disabled in the preferences menu I think it should be off by default because I believe the need for this is highly esoteric and it is an annoyance otherwise.

  • … if someone would mention the fact that it is a purely American market focussed product, not available anywhere else…

  • Parag Nilkanth Phalak

    (19.05.2021 - 01:07)

    It seems to restrict the number of supported hosts to just one. It doesn’t affect me, but team developers might find this a crippling blow.

  • midnightangel6660

    (24.05.2021 - 06:40)

    corrupt win XP SP3 either config.sys or ntfs.sys every morning. Reload Window XP and upgarde to IE8 then the computer works for the rest of the day.

  • phuti warrel moeti

    (30.05.2021 - 11:18)

    no cons so far.

  • motiur rahman

    (03.06.2021 - 09:11)

    It doesn’t, but it should supply core temps and possibly an analysis box that would scan the hardware and offer compatible processor upgrades.

  • Sometimes does not update the weather. Have to close the program and start it up again. Don’t like their maps. Look at my-cast for good weather maps.

  • The new GUI is so incredibly dumbed-down that it’s slow and cumbersome to use. While trying to make it “easy” for your average home user (assuming non-technical), they ruined an otherwise excellent product. THERE’S NOW NO RECOVERY CALENDAR!?

  • Robert C. Leif

    (17.06.2021 - 23:45)

    Sorry, left off the 5 stars.

  • None. Updates notification automatically.

  • rakesh sharma

    (26.06.2021 - 20:11)

    No problems other than having to learn how to deal with subtitles.

  • rich petterson

    (02.07.2021 - 10:13)

    – Real-Time Protection can still be improved

  • I dont like the fact that you have to have this product in order to down load certain items


    (11.07.2021 - 07:43)

    – Loads at System StartUp, takes times for Initialization and consumes bulk of system and Memory resources.

  • Virus-virus warning!-virus warning!-virus warning!

  • Time limited is very short!

  • very nice

  • Installed program. Went to run it for first time, computer blue screens. Every reboot, computer blue screens until I uninstalled it.

  • The remove attachment function that should be the main goal of this program will be enabled only with registered version.

  • To many strings attached to it. You might run the risk of reinstalling your Operating System all over again to really get rid of that pest. Boy, Am I sorry I downloaded it.

  • All of the Pros can’t hide the fact that there isn’t all that much here. Go with Audacity. It’s free and has a ton more functionality, though it ain’t as purty and requires a bit of a learning curve.

  • I can,t fault this programme.

  • Junel Canupin

    (20.08.2021 - 00:39)

    Its tricky to learn from scratch I would think especially to use it fully , but its not bad if moving from an earlier version, puppet warp works well

  • Pietro Sciacca

    (24.08.2021 - 11:11)

    I have downloaded prm, it’s in the download file, when I click on .exe, I get a “file cannot open”. I’m on a samsung tablet. tThoughts?

  • It doesn’t work, It will crash!! Total waste of time

  • The management tool could be a bit better.

  • Juan Gonz├ílez

    (02.09.2021 - 06:12)

    I like this app.

  • Parag Nilkanth Phalak

    (04.09.2021 - 17:10)

    This is the only software I have ever installed that demands my system password before it will run. I refused to enter my password and have deleted the software from my hard drive. Looks like “invasiveware” that will do a bunch of stuff that I do not want it to do.

  • Not free for long

  • Not as powerful as servers like Apache. Some of the setting are reserved for the paid version, such as virtual hosts.

  • It would be nice if it also converted .tivo files but no luck.

  • it’s the best

  • Computer went through what appeared to be a “dead” mode. Walked away until it came back to life–but with the Pro PCCleaner nuisance deleted for good. So give your computer time to do the removal task.

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