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Handling medical imaging graphical representations is not only a job for the professionals, but it also requires some advanced and specialized hardware and software. Since home users should have little interaction with such images, a tool like RadiAnt DICOM Viewer crack might go by them unnoticed. Nonetheless, such applications are clearly designed for experts in that field and for medical students, for example, the relevance of this utility will be quite important. It is also worth taking into consideration the ease of use, which becomes evident with each run, as well as the nicely designed interface that facilitates the access to all the features of the program.

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer serials

View DICOM files, add several types of measurement, such as length, ellipse or angle, toggle the negative mode and enable annotations with this efficient medical software DICOM viewer. RadiAnt is a DICOM viewer for medical images designed to provide you with a unique… Download RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 5.5.1 registered – View DICOM files, add several types of measurement, such as length, ellipse or angle, toggle the negative mode and enable annotations with this efficient medical software

Adjusting the images, browsing through a series of scans or having patient data displayed are just a few options that you can activate with a single click. There are many tools for measuring certain elements inside the slides and you can pick the one for length, ellipse, pencil, angle or Cobb angle. Exporting the selected images as graphic files (JPEG, BMP) or WMV movies is also possible and this completes the set of functions that makes RadiAnt Viewer such a sought-after software solution.

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Working with RadiAnt Viewer could hardly be simpler given it innate ability to recognize DICOM files from a folder you select and have them displayed in a sequence so you can take a closer look. Loading the images is best done by deciding which is the containing directory and this practice should be common if we are to consider a better practice allocating for each patient a special folder, where all the scans and other personalized records should be kept for fast retrieval, following the example of individual medical history. The generous space allocated for the imagery is accompanied by a set of features that increase the overall value of the application. For instance, you can choose a split view where up to 20 slides can be viewed simultaneously.

System Requirement:

I have a file with multiple .dcm files and the viewer will open the file, but nothing is displayed. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to view these files?

I have tested the application and it works normally. Download the latest version from the official website and load the files. I downloaded the setup package and installed the application then used the folder icon to load a file and it displayed correctly. If you still encounter issues, it’s possible that the file you load is corrupted.

What’s new in last version:

New features:
Closed polygon tool – area, perimeter (2D, 3D MPR).
Open polygon tool – length (2D, 3D MPR).
Arrow tool (2D, 3D MPR, 3D VR).
Ellipse tool – area, min, max, avg (3D MPR).
Angle measurement tool (3D MPR).
Native 64-bit ARM version for Windows 10 on ARM platform (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro X, Samsung Galaxy Book S, Lenovo Yoga 5G).
Improvements and bug fixes:
SUVbw measurements in 2D and 3D MPR viewers (no fusion required).
Stored last export settings.
Added option to show destination folder in Explorer after export.
Added option to import studies opened directly in the viewer to database.
Added option to export specific image series from the local database.
Added option to delete specific image series in the local database.

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  • Very effective and excellent software.

  • Very effective and excellent software.

  • Very, very ,very good way to see all medical imaging documents!

  • David J Lawson

    (11.03.2021 - 11:36)

    It’s a good way to see all medical documents.

  • It did not print dvd case inserts. Some people call them covers. Yeah. It only does cd covers.

  • Not sure what the “Feels Like” statement means. Otherwise nothing bad to be found!

  • Can’t think of anything so far.

  • I had a lot of trouble with the program just disappearing when I was in the process of importing both photos & video. I found this extremely frustrating as I was planning to purchase it to put together a film of my fathers 80th birthday celebration.

  • no cons that I can think of

  • Three weeks of multiple inquiries for a tech issue have yet to yield a response. BBB Rating of F and featured in Rip-off Report. not a reputable business.

  • The glass feature just makes the window you are dragging transparent while doing so. It does not make menus and title bars transparent.

  • Black depressing background, practically all functions are invisible.
    Crashes too easily [just click on the arcsoft logo and die].
    Refuses to work with projects made with DVD2 !!!!!
    Timeline is too ‘diffuse’, definition of ‘objects’ is poor.
    Frame cropping merely adds a black border, the ‘new’ frame does not fill the window.


    (20.04.2021 - 16:21)

    It is a very great one it has my vote

  • Cons is that it is by aol and weatherbug and its full of ads etc…. a total junk program in compariaon to better programs out there.

  • No specific support for Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers available.

  • Some functions are difficult to locate


    (07.05.2021 - 13:52)

    Is like going to the city centre in a camper. Yes, you can sleep in it just in case, you can go to the toilet, you can cook, you can invite someone inside and have a chat, you can even watch TV, but you just wanted to get there and a bike have been enough.

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