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All things considered, Sonarca Sound Recorder Free 5.0.0 Full Version Free Download is a simple-to-use audio recording tool that can be mastered even by less experienced users. If you are looking for advanced features, then you can check the professional version of the program, which bundles frequency filtering, amplitude gain, speed adjustment, earphone enhancement, vocal removal, global hotkeys, silence detection, audio visualizers, amplitude bars, and metadata editor. With Sonarca Sound Recorder Free Full Version pre-Activated you will be able to record sound files from any external or internal source. Any audio that can be played on your computer can be saved to the WAV and Mp3 files with this free and useful application. This software supports all types of soundcards, including professional, multichannel and external USB.

Sonarca Sound Recorder Free free download

Download Sonarca Sound Recorder Free Serial Key – A simple-to-use audio recording tool that allows users to save audio streams from YouTube, players, microphones, or other devices, and convert them to MP3 or WAV file format A simple-to-use audio recording tool that allows users to save audio streams from YouTube, players, microphones, or other devices, and convert them to MP3 or WAV file format Sonarca Sound Recorder Free 5.0.0 premium is a lightweight application that comes packed with recording capabilities for helping you save the audio streams from multiple sources (e.g. audio or video players, websites, microphones, Internet radio channels, CD players) to your computer, as well as convert the items to MP3 or WAV file format.

The program comes with predefined hotkeys. By pressing CTRL + R the software will start recording whichever sound is being played. By pressing CTRL + U, the program will pause or resume the recording, and finally, by pressing CTRL + S the application will stop the recording and you will be able to save it to the supported output formats and listen to it whenever you want. Sonarca Sound Recorder Free 5.0.0 premium can be used to record conversations, songs being played on any live-streaming radio, your favorite quotes, soundtracks from your favorite movies and much more.


  • It’s free
  • It comes with hotkeys that make everything easier and quicker
  • None
Sonarca Sound Recorder Free Full Version Full Crack

To start recording, you can use the mentioned hotkeys or click the big rounded record button at the top of the program's main window. All the commands are placed one after another. The software lets you adjust some settings such as output direction, default name, audio settings (channel, bit resolution and sampling frequency) and more. This sound recorder is capable of recording various sound input to WAV and MP3

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed some compatible issues with Windows 10 version 1803 and 1809.
Fixed some compatible issues with Windows 10 and 8.1.
Ended support for Windows Vista and XP.
Some code tweaks to reduce the possibility of sound dropouts and buffer overrun under extremely CPU-intensive circumstances.
A new neater, more intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI for convenient sound recording.
Added new feature: show recording progress and status on the Windows 7 taskbar.
Includes unspecified bug fixes and interface enhancements.
includes unspecified bug fixes and interface enhancements.
Changed the font to make the soft work under 800×600 resolution.
Fixed a file renaming bug. Fixed a bug which caused some unicode characters can not be properly displayed on the log tab.
Officially supports Windows 7 now.

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    The best downloader i’ve ever met! Allavsoft is just worth every penny. It saved me hours of work downloading videos and the guys at Allavsoft are always very helpful and quick to answer any problems. It is so easy to use.

  • Even though easy, I returned to the software I had been using because I felt it was easier. Had problems installing the 2006 software. The phone number for support in the manual was not correct and went to someone who didn’t speak English stating the number was personal(tried several times). There was no ability to contact support without registering first making it challenging for a new owner installing.

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  • I have PhotoImpression 4, but no user manual. Can you help?

  • Đặng Phước Vấn

    (01.04.2021 - 11:32)

    Very quick scan. Ad-Aware found 106 problems. This found 1. Would not even let me fix the one problem without buying the program.

  • none that I could find

  • Cons? Absolutely none!

  • Lagged and froze so bad. Was hopeful but was disappointed. Tried on two different pcs. One it didn’t work at all and the other it was so laggy it sucked then it froze when trying to uninstall.

  • It isn’t free. You also can’t tell it to save a whole drive, you have to do each folder or file individualy. It takes a long time to find files, but that is expected.

  • No cons. does exactly what I want outwith other editing software

  • I thought it would be a plus that the program had been translated to my language, but it was weird because it wasn’t everything that had been translated, so it was a bit strange to see English words here and there mixed the the danish ones.

  • Unable to roll back to earlier version. Do not install. Breaks many word processing programs.

  • Jeevan Paintings

    (11.05.2021 - 15:35)

    Could do with a line or two about what each tick box clears in a hint box, some of the more obvious ones are ok like Temporary Internet Files but there is some obscure ones like Shell BagMRU, ComDlg32 recent that may confuse people.

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    While reporting that it has swept the whole drive my PC remains absolutely unchanged after the experience. It was one new (worthless) program.

  • PC Security Analysis runs continuously without results. I can’t get it to stop

  • Failed to detect many malware in my computer.

  • The 1st film was great & simple in everyway. Im downloading a second film-Quantum of Solace, still as easy but seems to be taking quite a while to download


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    Some specifics but can’t really trace any other than the memory specs.

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  • I wish the program had to ability to save the MMS messages as well. It would be nice to save the text pictures in-line with the messages. I would also add the ability to customize the graph data (such as changing the dates, etc.).

  • Wish you could print out a custom cover.

  • Converts, but the quality is really bad.

  • Morgan Dalton

    (12.07.2021 - 22:13)

    It has powerful photo editing tools and is easy to use without having to call up Photoshop and a lot of other nice features.

  • Marlene Samanie

    (15.07.2021 - 23:00)

    A lot of cons before this update. But version 5.6.6 has solved my downloading problem ,so I would not complain any more.

  • a total con. it does not work at all…opened it in Win 8.1 and it immediately shut down saying Windows would look for a solution.


    (27.07.2021 - 19:13)

    Having problems with dates and balances when I download .QIF files from my bank. Other than than, great!

  • would not recognize the snapshot button on camera, only video feed

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