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Songr 2.1 For Windows 10 Download

Long live MP3 downloads

And they are still alive and kicking because there are free programs like Songr 2.1 activator 2, a tool that makes use of online music services like Grooveshark or MusicSearch, or even YouTube, to play music and download it to our PC. As easy as searching, hitting the right button and downloading. We have to admit that this application that provides you with individual songs for free doesn’t come along with a great design. In fact, it’s quite poor, but that doesn’t matter because it offers us in a glance everything we need to know. Here are its main features:

How to use it

Easy peasy. Search for songs using the criteria of your choice (artist, song, lyrics…) and from the results offered you just have to choose which one meets your needs.

Songr Full Version Serial Key

Songr 2.1 keys is a desktop interface to third party mp3 search engines. You are able to search by lyrics. Songr Free Download Activator is an app that allows you to search for and download music and video from the web. Songr 2.1 patch‘s interface is both intuitive and efficient, and the app itself is an effective tool to find music and listen to it immediately on your PC. You can search by lyric or song title and the results are displayed quickly. Simply double click the track to begin playing in your selected media player.

Songr preactivated is an easy-to-use music searcher. It is not a search engine by itself, but it uses sixteen different search engines in order to search for music (each search engine can be enabled or disabled from the "Settings" window). The program automatically searches for songs by track name, but you can change the search type so that it can also search by song lyrics. All the results are shown in the list box, each one including the info about the duration of the song, bit rate, size, score, connection speed, and search engine. You can change the order of appearance by clicking on any of the columns, and show the information in ascending and descending order.


  • You can only make one search at a time
  • You can also extract audio from YouTube videos
  • You can search music by single track, album name, and song lyrics
Songr registeration keys

Using Songr full version free, you can search through 10 different search engines to find new and old songs you want to download. The software allows you to download your songs quickly without causing any delays. Songr full setup also has the ability to stream a playback of the songs you choose and make a list from which you can just download them right away. However, the interface doesn’t include a resume option if the download is paused or somehow broken. Songr 2.1 serials has a simple interface and features a search box in which you can type in the name of the song you want to listen to or download. So, pretty much anyone can use it. Along with that, you can download the songs for free and you won’t have to wait for anything. Plus, you can download it for free now.

System Requirement:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Xamasoft
  • Last version 2.1

How can I move my downloaded songs from Songr to my memory stick?

Whenever you download a song from this application the downloaded file goes to: Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (The name of your computer) > My Music > Songr. To move your song files from the downloading folder to your memory stick you need to copy them (select all > right click on them > and select copy or simply Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C). Next, go to your memory stick folder and right click and select paste or press Ctrl+V.

What’s new in last version:

Fixed Mp3Juices
Fixed RedMp3
Fixed YouTube search
Fixed problem with Windows Media Player
Improved Search by Artist algorithm

Songr 2.0.87 Beta full download, Songr 1.9.10 full version serial keys


  • Muhammad Akhtar

    (28.02.2021 - 19:51)

    Hi! Can you add search engines?

  • This app is bad nod32 Win32/DownWare.L

  • Thank you for the report. We would like to specify that our in-built antivirus check also detected the program as suspicious to use.

  • is a good program for looking music

  • Bishal Ghimire

    (24.03.2021 - 02:55)

    from your e_company to free–sms site web

  • MomentLover1200

    (28.03.2021 - 02:42)

    Very easy to use and good result

  • * Very poor marketing because so many people haven’t even heard of it & that’s a shame because they are missing out on a great product & the altruistic philosophy of FOSS

  • I had problem-related to making my own music collection. Perhaps I had no choice of software but now I can download thousands of HD video quickly with Akick HD video downloader. I thank them a lot for this marvelous tool.

  • keshob chowdhury

    (10.04.2021 - 01:49)


  • i have windows xp home edition installed on my laptop. ever since i used the “Clean Junk Files Tool, Registry cleaner Tool, Find and Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool” my computer has started to crash more often than it was previously. i tried to use system restore but it was also not working , later on i found that “Find and Fix Invalid Shortcuts Tool” had deleted my system restore files, then i had norton antivirus 2005 installed on my computer so whenever norton would load now it would show an error that norton 2005 doesnt supports an repair option so please uninstall and reinstall, and i have been not able to correct this problem coz i dont know which settings has ur software changed in my computer, also when i try to run any microsoft office 2003 professional edition application like word powerpoint i cant do it normally coz now windows installer starts instead of it and it asks for some non exitent file and then crashes, thankfully i was able to undo some of its action by using ur rescue tool option and undoing watever the sotware had done. but the norton eroor still remained the same and a new problem started now before some application loads i get a msg. that asks me for my ofiice 2003 cd and i have to cancel it 5 times before the application really runs. ALL THIS HAPPENED AFTER I INSTALLED asmw pc optimizer pro v 7.7 ON MY LAPTOP INSTEAD OF INCREASING MY COMPUTERS PERFORMANC IT HAS SLOWED IT DOWN.

  • My dog has died due to complications

  • None relevant

  • I paid the price, installed it, and it seemed to work fine. After 3-4 months I downloaded the software update the producer suggested me to use, and I could not start the program anymore. I installed, repaired again and again – nothing. I contacted the support: after a while they informed me that I have to pay to be assisted, because they help me for free only for one month after purchase. SO: I download unfunctional update, waste my time and after they want me to pay to get it repaired. Strange policy! Is it normal according the US laws?

  • Sorry, left off the 5 stars.

  • keshob chowdhury

    (08.05.2021 - 18:03)

    Compared to its 3.5~ predecessors, the current 5.~ version no long offers a choice of output dimensions, output destinations, etc. Overall, the freeware version has become considerably feature-poorer.

  • tan chong rui

    (14.05.2021 - 20:20)

    No cons as far as I can see it’s a good program that allows you to delete duplicate file and will even search across multipy hardrives for duplicate file something many programs willnot do.

  • Can’t find any yet . . .

  • Bilal Zulfiqar

    (20.05.2021 - 14:23)

    “a necessary evil” – freezes too often, slows down work, I hope someone builds a less cumbersome program. I hate adobe flash!!

  • It really is not aimed at places outside the United Sates. The Irish weather tends to be pitifully out of date by as much as 24 hours. Not the fault of the program. but not helpful.

  • Faisal Humayun

    (29.05.2021 - 10:32)

    Manipulating some of the ‘furniture’ that’s preloaded for use was a little clutzy, or maybe it’s just me. Wish there were more choices of kitchen cabinet style/sizes; for example, c ‘corner base’ cabinet.

  • you can see your updates in this version , your video call , phone call, plug in, invite for activity, but all this can’t be done on orkut , facebook etc.

  • too expensive


  • I lack a database and a Hungarian spelling module.

  • none to the moment

  • Will this program work on an older SCM Tech 90 router? What will I need in addition to this program? I have not bought the machine yet, so need to weigh out options to see if it works for what I need.

  • can’t think of anything i didn’t like

  • -none encountered so far

  • No problems with it.

  • Gerald Powell

    (13.07.2021 - 10:06)

    nope so far so best

  • The best thing about Babylon is that it provides translations directly from any document or web page, so you won’t need to open a separate program.

  • Lenon Kagamine

    (22.07.2021 - 04:56)


  • i can say there is nothing ic dont like about this product , its awsome

  • michael james

    (01.08.2021 - 06:56)

    when i launched the icon after installation, gave me error msg saying file is missing.

  • A bit pushy when it comes to cleaning up temp files

  • Not very informative, I had to fall back on my own knowledge to understand how a lot of the utilities worked.

  • It’s very handy that you can download music directly to iPhone. And that’ll be great if this feature also works on Android phone.

  • I can’t find more skins supporting transparent effect on win7. Anyone knows?

  • it has never failed or given up on the program

  • Please help.

  • This is the best game ever!

  • This is one of the finest pieces of software available for teaching. I made a stack of review cards for my AP Macroeconomics class that included graphs, T-F questions, and multiple choice questions. I then connected my TI-83+ and copied the stack from the computer to my calculator. I now have the equilvalent of an iPod app for my class. I strongly recommed this software.

  • It Simply Doesnt Work! it fails to convert files every time.

  • the egyptian Azan is missing in the free version, sometimes it does not work, may be because stoping the programe in the previous azan time, I am not sure?

  • considering that i’ll only ever use the defrag feature, available free as diskdefrag, and the registry cleaner, paying 30 bucks for this program seems quite high. still, for people who are looking for an easy maintenance solution this is probably your best bet.

  • its a bit slow.. or at least it seemed to me

  • Adobe Reader 8 is far too simplified for most seasoned users. I’ve replaced my 8 with FoxIT, a much more intuitive program; you need to be psychic to figure out Reader 8 without spending way too much time with it.

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