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Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair 9.0 registeration keys

PST (Personal Storage Table) files usually contain important personal or business information, as they are used for storing the messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft’s mail clients (Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook). As a result, the damage can be pretty serious when the PST files get damaged and can no longer be opened. Anyway, the good news is that when such unfortunate situations happen, you can resort to using specialized PST repair and recovery tools. Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair 9.0 Activator Free Download is a perfect example of such applications.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair key

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair 9.0 with crack is a simple to use yet effective application that attempts to repair PST mail files and recover the data they contain. It can save the day even when the notorious “file header corruption” error blocks you from using important PST files. Furthermore, encrypted PST files are also supported. I also like about Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair 9.0 patched the fact that it lets you neatly preview all the recoverable items from an email file. Moreover, it's capable of recovering any element from the PST email file, including messages, attachments, contacts, calendar entries, and so on. Another cool thing about this app is the fact that it can handle PST files created with any version of MS Outlook from 2016 to 2000. It's also really easy to use and intuitive. Unfortunately, no file exporting is possible using the free trial version. In conclusion, Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair 9.0 pre-Activated Free Download is a worthy choice whenever you have to deal with broken PST mail files.

An Outlook PST recovery software helps to recover email item such as email messages, contacts, notes, tasks etc from corrupt outlook file, It also helps to recover deleted email from Outlook . Software scan the damaged PST file and recover complete email data from Outlook. Recovers corrupt or inacccessible Outlook files An Outlook PST recovery software helps to recover email item such as email messages, contacts…


  • Can handle encrypted PST files
  • Allows previewing the recoverable elements from the loaded PST files
  • Can also handle files with “file header corruption” errors
  • Message finding function is included
  • It can handle PST files created with any version of MS Outlook from 2016 to 2000
  • No file exporting is possible using the free unregistered, trial version
Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair registration keys

System Requirement:

  • Author Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • Last version 9.0


  • Software saved my job. Worth purchasing.


    (26.02.2021 - 06:22)

    I am not so technical friendly and don’t know how to repair corrupt PST. I pick embraced Outlook repair software and get my PST repaired.

  • Safe utility for MS Outlook users.

  • It’s the best fit tool to repair a corrupt PST file. Software has various inbuilt features that help me a lot to repair corrupt PST files. Its self-guiding user interface makes PST repairing seamless and, moreover, my PST data remain unpretentious.

  • Gebrial Smith

  • Feel happy to see a major update with product.

  • Yesterday I was trying to open my Outlook, it shows the following error message: “Unable to display the folder. The file .pst could not be accessed. Access denied.” I tried to find the solution of this error on various forums and got to know that this error comes when your PST get corrupted. I downloaded Stellar PST Repair and successfully saved repaired data in to a new PST file.

  • Infested with bugs and spyware. Zero customer support. Purchasing this software led to problems with false credit card charges and years of headaches. The software has a built-in link to registering a domain name and purchasing web-hosting. After registering the website with the individual who wrote the software (Oleg. His info in the WHOIS database is false and leads to a cosmetics company in the midwest. He is located in Canada but his hosting service is based in Russia.), he was unwilling or unavailable to release my domain name so that I could take possesion of it and have it transfered to network solutions. Down and dirty, old fashioned scandal at it’s best in the modern age. I thought I was through with it two years ago when I finally got all charges removed and cancelled my account. Like magic a charge appeared on my account last month. If you absolutely MUST buy this software, do it with a money order or check. There are plenty of more effective, easier to use, non-scandalous alternatives.

  • dhawy al fakhry

    (21.03.2021 - 11:54)

    Does not work from a Flash Drive. Occasionally I find that something won’t work and I’ll have to disable the program to see if it is Ad Muncher, but this does not happen often.

  • Doesn’t work. Selected a bunch of different proxies, Googled “What’s My Ip” and every one of them knew, even though on the status bar it said…”You are now surfing anonymously!” Yeah Right!

  • None I could see.

  • Did not work as advertised for the functions included in the trial ware.

  • This is a best editing tool

  • Alex Papanchev

    (15.04.2021 - 07:07)


  • Alfred Garcia

    (19.04.2021 - 11:53)

    This is a game really good for the LAN party.

  • Abu Sufiyan Khan

    (21.04.2021 - 19:28)

    Steep learning curve, non-intuitive interface, but its stable, works great and its free, so who cares.

  • Nordine Bjerke

    (25.04.2021 - 22:09)

    Some of the UI screens are tiny and look like they are straight from the 1980’s. They look ridiculous in this era of high-resolution screens.

    Not as thorough as Revo. Leaves behind a few registry entries and files from some programs.

  • On my computer, I am unable to add my name (sign in) for scoring purposes, so all scores show up under “guest”. When I try to add my name, an error message appears and the game closes.

  • Perhaps a little learning curve getting started

  • I have audition 1 also and use Vista. You can buy Audition 3 upgrade from any version (so they say) for $99 but I haven’t found out if that will work on Vista. Have you learned any more?

  • ssssssssssss

  • You pretty much have to figure this out on your own. The Help menu is more like a glossary and there is no manual to download or forums from their website. I just started using it and figured things out as I went along, so this may be whay you’ll have to do.

  • Murray Nelson

    (25.05.2021 - 16:31)

    doesn’t convert to DVD .VOB format that would be nice

  • Nothing is there which i didn`t like.

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