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Once you open up the Advanced Settings tab, a new wave of options unveils itself. They're split in categories for Internet Explorer Optimization, Host Resolution Priority, Network Memory Allocation, Type / Quality of Service, Gaming Tweaks, DNS Error Caching or Dynamic Port Allocation. The BDP (Bandwidth Delay Product) tab section offers a calculator for quick approximation of RWIN (TCP Window) values.

TCP Optimizer key

It will increase your Internet speed regardless of Internet connection type/ISP. Whether it is your home based machine or office desktop… The Optimizer will increase your connectivity rate. Dial-up modems (28.8/56k), Cable Modem Connections, DSL Connections, Satellite, T1 and Optical Fiber are all fully supported. Note: Requires Administrator privileges. SG TCP Optimizer 2.0.3 Full Version Registration Code allows you to tune and optimize TCP and IP related parameters Optimizes internet connectivity

The interface of the application may look crowded for beginners as there is no lack of drop-down menus for the impressive number of customizable settings. TCP Optimizer 2.0.3 Free Download Activator retains that professional touch though by granting advanced users the chance to get under the hood and tinker its most hidden aspects. The Connection Speed slider at the top of the main interface window allows you to set the maximum available bandwidth for your connection.


  • Wide variety of features
  • Free
  • None
  • Easy GUI
  • Advanced settings for professionals
TCP Optimizer full

It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced ones like QoS and ToS/Diffserv prioritization. The program works with all current versions of Windows, and includes additional tools, such as testing average latency over multiple hosts, and finding the largest possible packet size (MTU). The TCP Optimizer 2.0.3 full version setup is targeted towards broadband internet connections, however it can be helpful with tuning any internet connection type, from dialup to Gigabit+ 🙂 It is completely free, requires no installation, and has been downloaded over 8 Million times. TCP Optimizer 2.0.3 Full Version Free Crack is an “Internet Accelerator” which helps to dramatically boost your Internet speed. It optimizes Internet-related settings on your end of the connection (your PC), allowing for faster throughput.

System Requirement:

  • Administrrator privileges
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage:
  • Author
  • Last version 2.0.3

I’ve modified some settings for my wire LAN RDP, but after one day the settings have reverted to Windows 7 Pro x64 defaults. How can I stop this from happening?

My advice is to download the version 3.0.8 (the latest one with Windows 7 support) and then run it as Administrator. The cause of your problem is related to the launch process without Administrator access. Access the download page and install the application, but before doing that, right click the package and select Run as Administrator. Do the same when you start the software for the first time and apply the changes. After this process, those settings will remain.


tried suggested solution but the problem of resetting back to defaults remains

What’s new in last version:

Updated RSS (Receive-Side Scaling) and RSC (Receive Segment Coalescing) settings to be read using PowerShell on startup, should now also work better for international Windows variants.
Changed RSC optimal setting to disabled (issues with some Wi-Fi networks, also reduced delay when disabled in general)
Fixed typo in applying LargeSendOffload parameter.
Optimizer is now aware of, reads and displays the current TCP/IP settings "template".
Updated Congestion Control Provider command, added "CUBIC" and "NewReno" algorithms introduced with Windows 10 Creators Update.
Changed RSS (Receive-Side Scaling) and RSC (Receive Segment Coalescing) settings to be applied globally.
Fixed Chimney Offload command (made change global) and program now reads setting on startup.

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  • Tauseef Yaseen

    (14.03.2021 - 11:19)

    Easy to use, the ability to rip everything in one application, the amount of different files you can convert to, it’s excellent

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  • Do not buy this product, it is a hoax!

  • Emad Naeem Shaker Halka

    (15.04.2021 - 14:27)

    the only con is i didn’t find it earlier .

  • doesn work on whs (iobit 360 did)

  • The graphics the speed that this progam moves at is really slow

  • The scheduling arrangements were very clumsy. As this is what I wanted it for I was glad I had a trial version rather than having paid. I quickly removed it.

  • A very good browser.

  • TOTALLY hijacked my browsers, added bookmarks, changed home pages and added search engines. It also wiped out my Norton Security Suite (as in apparently uninstalled it).

  • Tried converting 3 times before guessing it wont work until I pay for software. I didn’t need to be messed around and be insulted by a cheap scam.


    (13.05.2021 - 06:55)

    Unable to set the referrer or the output filename (Fails if the URL’s “filename” contains characters not valid for windows).

  • Jayalakshmi Jayaraman

    (20.05.2021 - 05:07)

    I have no issues with this software although I wish they would stop constantly updating the program and just provide database updates that would download to the program when started. The way it is, you’ll start the application and it will say you are running an outdated version and you have to go get the newest release.

  • Mehdi Khatiri

    (23.05.2021 - 21:15)

    Wish you could print out a custom cover.

  • Dear User! Thank you for the report, Software Informer’s in-built antivirus check also detected that Advanced Scan to PDF Free includes suspicious elements. You can find the antivirus report on the download page.

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  • Software doesn’t bring a big value, crashes, requires hosting on BlueVoda hosting site, which is really terrible with terrible owner

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