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Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5.5583.16504 reg keys

Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 full version setup is an application that batch extracts and verifies RAR and ZIP archives without the user’s attention. Traverses nested sub directories,supports Unicode file names,directories and passwords. Can batch extract password protected RAR and ZIP archives, by using a password list. If it finds the password, it extracts the archive. It traverses nested directories, so that all your RAR and ZIP files can be organized into sub directories of any depth. UER will then start from the root directory and get into all sub directories to process the files (extract, or verify by checking the files for CRC errors, missing parts, wrong formats, corruption, wrong password).

Ultimate Extract and Recover with crack

You can extract all the RAR files from a folder and delete the archives after the process is done or you can only verify the archives Download Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 Free Download Activator – You can extract all the RAR files from a folder and delete the archives after the process is done or you can only verify the archives Industrial strength batch extraction and verification of RAR and ZIP archives There are plenty of tools meant to help you manage archive files, but few of them support batch processing of multiple archives at the same time, and even fewer can do that both quickly and effectively. Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 Activation Code is one of these few tools that can batch-extract and verify RAR and ZIP archives in a really convenient, fast and reliable manner.

Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5.5583.16504 Full Version license Key is an application that batch extracts or verifies a RAR archive (works with RAR format version 5 archives as well as the earlier format versions) without the user’s attention. It can batch extract password protected RAR archives, by feeding it a password list where from will attempt all the list’s passwords against the archive. In the case of successfully finding the password it can continue with extracting the contents of the archive.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free
  • Can also be used to recover archive passwords
  • Doesn’t offer a separate button for opening and processing single archives
  • Suppors only RAR and ZIP archives
  • Fast processing speed
Ultimate Extract and Recover Full Version Activation Code


Unrar Extract and Recover works runs on low resources, but it may stress up the CPU and RAM a little bit when processing larger archives.

Bottom line

But overall, this is quite a handy tool if you deal with multiple archives at the same time on a regular basis and a simple visual 'facelift' would turn it into a top product. It will help you batch-extract and verify RAR and ZIP archives

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage: www.ultimate.nvglabs.com
  • Author Nikos Vaggalis
  • Last version 4.5.5583.16504

What’s new in last version:

Fixed bug where some files were rejecting/not checking certain passwords.
Users of older versions are strongly suggested to upgrade to this version (version
dded German translation to GUI
Visual improvements
Added ini.txt file which remembers the last Input and Output directories.The file is located in UsernameAppDataLocalUERini.txt and must contain just 2 lines,the first for the Input directory,the second the Output directory
Removed update check for new version
Updated to unrar.dll version 5.60.3
Minimize to system tray plus you can check the progress (in percentage)
when hovering the mouse over the minimized balloon icon
Removed ads
bug fixes
The log files :
have been moved and are now located inside the AppData folder of the current user: Username\AppData\Local\UER\
Added support for ZIP files
Added support for Unicode ZIP file names and directories

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  • Comes with spyware. Spyware Doctor picked it up and when I removed it, GE Trans was gone.

  • It is looking rather dated now. Although the enhancement tools work reasonably well, the GUI lacks sparkle.

  • Anand Sunil Ijare

    (19.03.2021 - 07:11)

    The program will require you to read the instructions and do the tutorial, as it is anything but intuitive. But once you learn the ropes, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

  • Great dictionary! Should be improved and refined.

  • Ramadan Dahab

    (29.03.2021 - 21:46)

    I could not open the crashed CF-card, but then again in the explanation of the software, it is mentioned that it only is able to recover CRW (among others) but not CR2 format (the modern Canon standard)

  • Vamos a ver como es el programa.

  • Air Guard and Plane Arcade are the same game?


    (08.04.2021 - 15:30)

    The interface is simple points out the issues regarding registry, junk files, cache, and temp files, says exactly how many issues you have, is the cleaning urgency high or low. It’s very fast and I think whoever did this gave the user what they need without complicating things.

  • Suzanne Dzupik

    (12.04.2021 - 20:06)

    I am so sick and tired of hearing the PDF creation scam!
    All this program does is CONVERT a document into a PDF using the print command.
    A true PDF CREATOR is a program where you can write the text, insert bookmarks, headers, footers, page numbers, security, etc, and then save that document as a COMPLETE PDF.
    Programs which “create” PDFs using the print command only create an IMAGE of a document, but not a true full featured PDF.

  • Fahim Shahriar Khan

    (15.04.2021 - 12:33)

    It crashes Every time I tried t i use it. After some google research it appears this happens alot.

  • I like this program.

  • David raju pandra

    (26.04.2021 - 02:03)

    Great but not exellent.

  • Unable to roll back to earlier version. Do not install. Breaks many word processing programs.

  • skander_yazzaoui

    (05.05.2021 - 20:39)

    Does what it needs to do while still looking good doing it as well.

  • none, although I would like to know what settings the program converts media using new codecs if the settings tabs are left blank (if there’s any Oxelon folk about…)

  • This latest edition was confusing to download and install. I finally dowloaded each part individually. Thus I have pieces but nothing working together under a single program.

  • charlemagne j. velasco

    (23.05.2021 - 15:32)

    after i updated it to 3.1.7 and used it to Split Videos, it messed up the sound and video frames. the sound doesn’t correlate with the adjacent video frame..

  • The results are somewhat glitchy, in that after the converted video is played, a message comes up stating that the video cannot be played. The interface could have been a bit more user friendly.

  • None that i have incurred

  • Dear Leonardas, you should try the direct download from viber dot com. There is a separate installer for Windows XP.

  • I only ever used this to read documents and copy selected texts or URLs and this functionality has been disabled.

    Adobe products are constantly updating themselves.

  • It disables my Norton AntiVirus 2006 and worst of all i can’t repair it. Other than that, it crashes my pc often.

  • I would prefer more options – especially for interface.

  • Extremely happy with product.editing tool facility easy to manage. Thank you very much

  • Can’t remove everything

  • I list on ebay, it kept opening 2-3 pages of bad adware pages and made it impossible to work on my ebay page, I also have DND, and I tool adware off by accident and suddenly I have no more extra pages when I click nor have my mouse hi-jacked…

  • Quick scan and simply steps to recover my lost photos. The GUI is so beautiful and has Windows 8 style.

  • Hogs resources like crazy, for no good reason.

  • im sorry there is no reason for this to take up 20mbs just to dl, when foxit takes 1/5th that installed. can we say “bloatwear”? aol, msn, and yahoo have been known to have hidden adware in their programs and it looks like u can add adobe to the mix. enjoy the bloatwear and the 65+ mbs of space adobe reader takes, ill take foxit and its 4mbs of space. ill use my 60+mbs i save on programs that justify the space.

  • Is this open-source software or are there any paid versions?


    (31.07.2021 - 16:08)

    Maps use low resolution

  • Adeboyeku olawale

    (07.08.2021 - 10:49)

    great simple little program defrags in the background without slowing down your computer

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