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XPize serial keys renovates XP. Download XPize reg keys for free and modify the appearance of the icons and other system resources like animations, images, screensavers… It replaces the bits in Windows that didn’t match XP’s style with bits that do A resources transformation pack for Windows which replaces most of the non-XP icons Download XPize 5.6 full – A resources transformation pack for Windows which replaces most of the non-XP icons

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During the installation you’ll have the possibility to choose between different themes, among which you’ll find: Media Center, Darkside, Luna Element, etc. or create one to your own taste. Together with XPize 5.6 with serial keys , TaskSwitchXP is also installed, this program will offer you the possibility to modify a large amount of configuration options. And if you want to return the operating system to its original status, you’ll only have to uninstall the program. Microsoft attracted most of its fans due to Windows XP, the operating system that was both intuitive and powerful, managing to appeal to newbies and experts alike. As is the case with everything related to computers, users wanted to personalize their OS, thus prompting the development of apps that would change the visual appearance and sound scheme.

XPize 5.6 pin installs TaskSwitchXP Pro, from where you can customize your system a little more. I was unaware of this, so it was hard for me to figure out where to go to configure XPize 5.6 pre-Activated Free Download. After a successful installation, a text file is opened with some information about the process, but there aren't clear instructions there, neither on the website. To change the theme, I guess you have to install the program again. That worked for me.


  • It contains some nice themes
  • Could use some more documentation
  • It might make XP more cool-looking
  • Not very intuitive
XPize Full Version key

When you install XPize 5.6 Serial Key, you will be able to choose from one of the many new themes that this app brings to your XP desktop. Some of the themes are very similar to the default XP theme. However, there are some interesting alternatives. My favorite one of all the themes that I tried was "darkside". It gave my desktop a nice, dark look, and it replaced the start menu text "start" with a fancy windows flag icon. I also liked the addition of the color orange to my start menu. The wallpaper fit very well with the theme. Also, I saw many new screensavers available after installing this theme. All the windows now look a little different.

System Requirement:

  • NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows 2003, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.xpize.net
  • Author Xpero
  • Last version 5.6

What’s new in last version:

Added Windows Defender
IE7 patched by default
Added access.cpl
Added helpctr.exe
Added audiodev.dll
Fixed ieframe.dll
Added bitmap 290 in shell32.dll
Modified icon 3 in sysdm.cpl
Modified icon 101 in hotplug.dll
Modified icon 25 in setupapi.dll
Modified icon 129 in mailcfg.cpl
[Files] – Section for IE7
[Files] – Section for WMP11
[Files] – Section for Remote Desktop 6
[Resources] – Added icon 5 in msonsext.dll
[Resources] – Added icon 38913 in ieframe.dll
[Resources] – Added icon 36882 in ieframe.dll
[Resources] – Added icon 36884 in ieframe.dll
[Resources] – Added icon 36883 in ieframe.dll
[Resources] – Added bitmap 230 in shell32.dll
[Resources] – Added bitmap 231 in shell32.dll
[Resources] – Added bitmap 112 in ieframe.dll
[Resources] – Added bitmap 4096 in ieframe.dll

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  • Mary Ann Gisburne

    (03.03.2021 - 03:49)

    this is a good program for dell laptop

  • Haucht dem alten XP-Look ein moderneres Design ein

  • I really love this option.and I can definitely see the difference in my pc’s performance.

  • Bruce Hopkins

    (17.03.2021 - 14:06)

    You can convert in any format.


    (23.03.2021 - 22:03)

    Massive fail. Could not even remove Hijack browser apps from Spigot or Conduit. These are very low strength apps. Don’t recommend. At all.

  • Capildeo Danesh

    (28.03.2021 - 15:16)

    Delphi source code obfuscation to help deter reverse engineering.

  • francisreporter

    (02.04.2021 - 01:47)


  • Warren Porter

    (08.04.2021 - 16:00)

    nothing yet 😉 maybe little options

  • As a new user it has been really tough to get going and a tutorial would really be helpful. Even starting with the site wizard it’s not too easy.

  • not image specific recovery performance

  • I got a 0 byte output file. Tried to convert a few WMAs to MP3 and it failed. No error message.

    Be careful on installation – asks to install a toolbar and other crud.

  • It’s a cleaner. It’s a storage maker. It’s a defragmenter. It’s a file finder. It’s a PC Cleaner.

  • Malfunctioned. And now, it is offered for pay only. I was unable to download it for free – didn’t see a free download option

  • A little repetitive, could have better music.


    (02.05.2021 - 22:02)

    Does not support cheat of MK4, VERY BADDDDD

  • Had issues which were not solved. Have no other way to upload to instagram. Not happy.

  • Some more features should be provided with free version.

  • Gerald Powell

    (15.05.2021 - 00:55)

    -none in my opinion

  • Eventually, my synch did not copy new files to the network, instead it kept copying over the files on the network even though the setting were copy both ways and propogate etc, very easy to set it up and intuitive. Messed with it a while. Thought my drive must be bad, windows thought it now had errors (a usb3.0 less than a year old). So I scan disk etc. Same thing happens again after re-formatting the drive, copy paste whole folder over (110GB), then synch again. Soon it thinks the drive is corrupt again. So I buy a new seagate 2TB drive. Within a week windows thinks most of my folder are corrupt again, yet the server at work files are all ok. So either two brand new drives are somehow magically both bad, or this software has bugs and was not coded to align properly with Microsoft best practices use of their GUI code. By the way, I am on brand new install of windows 8 on a new gaming mobo setup.

  • I have the dj3.exe which is the executable file necessary to open the data files. I can email it to you.

  • ravi pratap yadav

    (01.06.2021 - 07:44)

    it does not have to be 20mb and use half your systems resources just to read something

  • Is it necessary..

  • Is it possible to record a video on lifeframe and then burn it to disk? If so, what is the best file format to use?

  • Pausing, crashing.

  • Silosolosai .Silosolosai

    (20.06.2021 - 11:27)

    None noted.

  • There is nothing original about this browser. Maxthon, SlimBrowser and Avant (in that order) all do everything this browser does (and much, much more) and they do it better. Don’t waste your time.

  • its the best software i ever found

  • BrosGamingOfficial

    (03.07.2021 - 04:40)

    This app contains a lot of adware, I did a DrWeb file scan detection: Dware.BGuard.52, Adware.Shopper.489, etc.

  • Peter Sørensen

    (09.07.2021 - 00:15)

    A unique screen recorder lets you record one complete application/window including its child windows. During recording if you move on to another application, the recording will pause and resume on returning back ot the application/windows

  • Good cleaner for my PC so you all must try it.

  • soniya gaonkar

    (15.07.2021 - 13:54)

    Prevented me from reccomending posts on one site I use frequently. At the point where I had 2 days left it popped up the registration reminder continually it didn’t Stop!! Then it wouldn’t uninstall – I had to remove it manually I DON’T RECCOMEND

  • This product is not actually free. You must pay for it in order for it ti fully convert the file. Otherwise you only view a portion of it.

  • Easy to go without it. Lots of totally useless information.

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